Destiny 2 - Find Cayde's Treasure Maps for Great Loot

There comes a time in every Guardian’s life when they get stuck trying to raise their Power Level. In Destiny 2, that happens around the 265 mark. Luckily, there are several weekly Milestones that can help out. One of the less official Milestones are the Treasure Maps that Cayde-6 sells every week.

Cayde-6’s Treasure Maps

Destiny 2 - Find Cayde's Treasure Maps for Great Loot

Once the campaign is over and everyone is reunited at The Tower, Cayde-6 will begin selling Treasure Maps from his location in the hangar. He has a fresh batch available every week and they cost a few thousand Glimmer each. Every week a different planet is chosen for you to search for Cayde’s Stashes. Fortunately, it’s a very easy task.

Finding Cayde’s Stashes

Destiny 2 - Find Cayde's Treasure Maps for Great Loot

It’s hard not to argue that Bungie has simplified a lot of Destiny 2‘s mechanics. The Treasure Maps are one such example. Once you’ve purchased them, your map will show the location of each stash as indicated by a spade icon. While some of the chests are arguably a little more hidden, many are sitting in plain sight. It’s important to note that only Guardians with the Treasure Maps in their inventory will see these chests. They cannot be shared with others. Once you’ve located one of the chests, simply crack it open and enjoy the spoils.

Destiny 2 - Find Cayde's Treasure Maps for Great Loot

Like all chests in the game, there’s a small chance that they may drop an Exotic Engram. Otherwise you can expect a variety of items at a slightly higher level than random loot chests. We suggest leaving some time between opening these chests. There is a game mechanic in place that can nerf the contents of chests if you open too many of them in rapid succession. It’s recommended to do some other things in between your hunt for Cayde’s Stashes. Even following that logic, however, sometimes a chest may be empty. I guess we can blame that on Cayde-6’s poor memory.

Now that you know how to find Cayde’s Stashes, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for more guides.

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