How to Activate Heroic Public Events – Glimmer Extraction

Each Public Event in Destiny 2 has a heroic version that will reward Guardians with better loot upon completion. Guardians must follow a specific set of steps to trigger the heroic version of the event. This guide will show you how to turn the Glimmer Extraction Public Event into its heroic version.

The Glimmer Extraction event typically appears on Earth and involves the Fallen attempting to extract Glimmer via the use of drill sites. The event has three phases, each with its own drill site. In order to trigger the heroic version, Guardians must destroy a total of three generators that power the drill sites.

How to Activate Heroic Public Events – Glimmer Extraction

Destroy the Power Generators

The image above shows what the generators look like that need to be destroyed. Each drill site has one of these, though they don’t spawn in immediately when the drill begins its work. Keep looking for them as the even progresses. The generator must be destroyed before the four Fallen Extractors are killed. Failing to do so causes the drill site to disappear.

Once the event switches to its heroic version, the drilling stops and a giant pile of Glimmer appears instead.

How to Activate Heroic Public Events – Glimmer Extraction

Transmat the Pile of Glimmer

Completing the final stage of the Heroic Public Event is straightforward. Stay near the pile of Glimmer to allow it to transmat. Once it reaches 100 percent, the event will be won. During this time, Guardians will be attacked by Fallen enemies, include a rather large yellow-bar Captain. Dispatch them and enjoy the spoils. For some reason, our cut of that giant pile of Glimmer is rather small. Even Ghost thinks so.

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