Where To Find Far Cry 5's Trump "Pee Tape" Mission

Pee Tape

Far Cry 5 is set in modern day rural Montana. While nothing is said overtly, there are a few references to the current President of the United States. One of them takes the form of a mission, which makes reference to the infamous “pee tape” rumor.

Where To Find Far Cry 5’s “Pee Tape” Mission

To find the mission, head west from the Pumpkin Farm in John’s territory. Near Howard Cabin you will find a man on a mission, apparently for the President!

Pee Tape Mission
Pee Tape MissionTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Talk to Willis Huntley, a secret service agent, and you will get the “Patriot Acts” mission. Somehow, the Eden’s Gate cult has managed to procure a video which may be damaging to the President. You need to get it back, and if you do Huntley will help you with the cult. The first order of business is to let Huntley drive you to a nearby lookout tower that you must secure. Once you do, he fools the man in possession of the tape into leaving his bunker. You then tail his helicopter to his new location, go in and clear it out, and find the tape. It’s all very simple, and I get the feeling it is really just included for the memes and pee jokes.

Once you have the mission completed, and give the tape to Huntley, he gets offered the job of Chief of Staff, and tells you he can no longer help you with the cult. I’d suggest you do what I did, and simply shoot him in the face after he says this, leaving him slowly dying at the side of the road.

A deal is a deal, after all, and if I help you get your compromising tape and subsequent promotion then I expect my quid pro quo. It should be noted that the mission also serves as a partial Easter Egg, as Huntley has shown up in previous Far Cry titles. Still, it felt good to shoot him in the face.

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