Where to Find Nornir Chests and Solve Rune Puzzles in God of War

Nornir Chest

There’s lots to do and collect in God of War. None of the collectibles are more interesting, rewarding, and complicated to attain than the Nornir Chests. These special chests are protected by a rune puzzle which must be solved to unlock the chest. Each puzzle is different. Some require simply locating the required rune seals and destroying them, while others require Kratos to hit all runes in rapid succession. Opening these chests is extremely helpful as they will either contain an Iðunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead. Find three of each will increase Kratos’ health and rage pools respectively. Our guide will show you where to find these Nornir Chests and provides the solution to each rune puzzle in the form of a short video clip.

Wildwoods Nornir Chests

1. During the deer hunt, Atreus will want you to go left. Head straight instead and down some steps to locate the very first Nornir Chest. It contains an Iðunn Apple.

The River Pass Nornir Chests

1. Inside the cavernous areas along your trek through The River Pass, you’ll encounter this first of five Nornir Chest. It contains an Iðunn Apple.

2. Along your travels you’ll encounter a room with a spiked roof which you have to raise in order to pass underneath. Once through, wait for the roof to lower itself and then climb on top of it to find this Nornir Chest. It holds a Horn of Blood Mead.

3. At some point you’ll be fighting your second large troll and this Nornir Chest is located in the area just following that and contains another Iðunn Apple.

4. This Nornir Chest is located inside the Witch’s Cave but cannot be accessed until the water in the Lake of Nine has been lowered. It contains a Horn of Blood Mead.

5. By the witch’s house up the chain. Requires Wind of Hel Energy to be brought over to align the third rune. You can light up the chest to see what the symbols are supposed to be. Note that the third one is broken and the chest says it should be a backwards B but it’s actually the same one again as the second symbol.

Shores of Nine Nornir Chests

1. Row to the Lookout Tower dock and lower the spikes protecting the runes. Then destroy them quickly in order to get an Iðunn Apple out of this Nornir Chest.

Forgotten Caverns Nornir Chests

1. You’ll find this Nornir Chest by docking at the Forgotten Caverns region in the Lake of Nine. It’ll be just to the left.

Foothills Nornir Chests

1. When you leave Sindri’s shop, head straight across and up a slope, then hang a right to this Nornir Chest.

Lake of Light Nornir Chests

1. This Nornir Chest is located at the Light Elf Sanctuary on the south end of the Lake of Light and contains an Iðunn Apple.

2. Once you’ve made your way down to the opening in the lake, this Nornir Chest is in the back left corner and contains yet another Iðunn Apple.

3. When you’ve reached the big blue door that you can’t open, head down the path to the left to find this Nornir Chest. It contains a Horn of Blood Mead.

4. As you’re leaving the temple, you’ll enter a room where you have to move some light crystals around. This Nornir Chest is sitting on your top left and holds a Horn of Blood Mead.

The Mountain Nornir Chests

1. You’ll have to create a light bridge in order to reach this Nornir Chest which contains a Horn of Blood Mead.

2. You’ll pass right by this Nornir Chest and will have to do some work using World Tree sap and shock arrows to maneuver the bridge.

Light Elf Outpost Nornir Chests

1. This area is only accessible once the water in Lake of Nine has been lowered a second time.

Fafnir’s Storeroom Nornir Chests

1. In the area with the reavers, on the right hand side. Hit all three runes quickly. Contains a Horn of Blood Mead.

Cliffs of the Raven Nornir Chests

1. Here you have to move the Wind of Hel Energy to each of the rune stations and remove it when an appropriate rune is displayed. Contains a Horn of Blood Mead.

Tyr’s Temple Nornir Chests

1. Located in the vault room hidden behind various traps.

Helheim Nornir Chests

1. When leaving after the confrontation with Baldur, head left instead of right to the ship.

Veithurgard Nornir Chests

1. Located in the area with the dragon along a path to the left of a rune-protected door.

Konunsgard Nornir Chest

1. On the way out of the stronghold on the left side on a large balcony.

Now that you’ve found and solved all the rune puzzles related to the Nornir Chests, Kratos should be near unstoppable with those huge health and rage pools. For more collectible guides and other help, visit our God of War Guide Hub.

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