Where To Find Hares In Far Cry 5

Hare Location

At some point in Far Cry 5, if you are the kind of gamer who likes to do everything a game has to offer, you will need to find some hares. Despite being notorious for losing to tortoises whenever the two pair off in a head to head race, they can be quite difficult to track down in game. There is one hare location that I have discovered though, and if you venture there you should find some of them bounding around. It might seem odd, but knowing where to find the hares will help you to finish up some achievements and hunting challenges, and can also net you some perk points.

Hare Location in Far Cry 5

Hare Location
Hare LocationTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The hare location is in Faith’s region, between the Moonflower Trailer Park and the geothermal lake. Some people have reported great difficulty in getting the hares to spawn, which seems to be tied to a bug in the game. Should you run into this issue (story spoiler incoming), be sure that you have killed Faith, and this should fix the issue.

Hares are also a devilish combination of small, and fast. If you want to stand the best chance of catching one, be sure to bring Boomer, the faithful hound. If you don’t have Boomer yet, check out our useful guide on how to get your animal companions. Boomer is useful because he will automatically tag any wildlife that is near you, allowing you to then sneak up and catch the unaware hare. You can even pretend you are in an old cartoon while you do so!

Happy hunting, hopefully this guide helps you track down those pesky hares. Check out the rest of our high quality FAR CRY 5 GUIDES if you need help with any other aspect of the game.

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