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One of the more mysterious items in Destiny 2‘s Warmind DLC is the Unsolvable Problem. In this guide, we will run through everything that we currently know about the item, and how to get, and will continue to update the guide as more information becomes available.

The Unsolvable Problem

The Unsolvable Problem is an item you get from Ana Bray, as you progress through the Nascent Dawn, Override Frequency quest lines. When you first receive it, it doesn’t appear to do much, but there is obviously more at play here than the item itself. This guide will show you how to get the Unsolvable Problem, and shall be updated as soon as more is know about this particular secret.

How To Get The Unsolvable Problem

First up, you need to complete the Warmind storyline, and also the additional quests for Ana Bray. They will be marked with a blue icon on your map. Once you have completed these quests, return to Ana Bray, who will give you the Nascent Dawn 1/5 Pursuit Quest.

To complete the Nascent Dawn quest, you need to complete three Patrols, and one Lost Sector, on Mars. As you do this, you shall collect Resonant Stems, and should have a total of four after doing all three Patrols and the Lost Sector. These can then be combined to create an Override Frequency. The Override Frequency will give you the location of a Sleeper Node that you can open. The last three words in the code will be a clue about the location of the node, you can then use your Director to find the general area it will be in.

Once you find the Sleeper Node, return to Ana Bray, who will tell you there are 40 Sleeper Nodes in total to be found. She will also give you some data, which you can load into a nearby console. Once you do this, you will be prompted to “Socket Diary”, and in return, will get the Unsolvable Problem.

Unsolvable Problem
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The Unsolvable Problem appears to be a lore item, and you can read all about Ana Bray and Rasputin once you get it. We also begin to develop an understanding, from this lore, that Ana needs to discover a way to program Rasputin to deal with problems that they simply cannot imagine or anticipate, thus making it almost impossible to actually do.

That is all that is currently known about the Unsolvable Problem, if there are any further mysterious that unfold around this item, we will be sure to update this guide. If you need help with other aspects of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our helpful GUIDE HUB.

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