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Each week, Fortnite throws different Challenges at players. They may have to dance in front of cameras, find rubber ducks, or spell out the name of the game. Sometimes, we get a puzzle, and if we solve it we will get a Crest that gives us an extra tier on our Battle Pass.

Search Between A Bench Puzzle

This week, it’s a search puzzle! We are asked to “search between a bench, ice cream truck and a helicopter”. We have the solution for you here, as not everyone will want to take the time to search between a bench, ice cream truck and a helicopter all over the map. Now, benches and ice cream trucks are pretty popular on the map, so that doesn’t do much to narrow down our potential search sites. The helicopter is the real clue here, as they are less common. If we head to Moisty Mires, there is a helicopter in front of the green screen there. There is also a bench in that collection of buildings, and wouldn’t you know it, an ice cream truck, on its side, in the swamp nearby. If we triangulate all three items, it will lead us to the edge of the water, where we will find our Crest. It will be almost directly below the T in your minimap.

Fortnite Crest Week 4 Season 4
Fortnite Crest Week 4 Season 4TL;DR Games • Fair Use

As always, you need to interact with the Crest to pick it up, and make sure you finish up the round, or it won’t count. Also, be warned, both games I played to get the Crest, this area was a complete riot. It seems Fortnite players are feeling feisty today! If you need help with the Eye of the Storm Challenge, we have that covered for in our guide, and feel free to check out our Guide Hub for more Challenges.

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