Destiny 2 - How To Get Renown For The Faction Rally

Destiny 2

The faction rally is currently active in Destiny 2, only this one comes with a bit of a twist from previous iterations. While you still need to pledge your allegiance to one of the game’s three factions, there are now new ways to earn those precious tokens. On top of the tokens themselves, you will be looking to earn Renown, which will grant you even more tokens. In this guide, we will show you how to get Renown.

How To Get Renown

For this Faction Rally, you can earn a Renown buff, giving you more tokens for the activities you do in the game.

  • Patrol mission (1 Renown)
  • Yellow bar/named enemies in playable areas (1 Renown)
  • Public Events (2 Renown)
  • Heroic Public Events (3 Renown)
  • Completing an activity wearing a full set of Faction armor (+1 Renown)

The more Renown you have, the more tokens you will earn from lost sectors. The buff itself can stack up to five times, which will give you a total of 10 tokens for completing a lost sector. There is a catch, though. Every time you die, you will lose one level of Renown. Be warned, as fast travel will remove Renown completely!

The buff itself can also have some drawbacks. The higher the buff, the more impact the following effects will have.

  • Reduced agility
  • Reduced health regeneration
  • Reduced player damage
  • Increased enemy damage

Upon completing a Lost Sector, your Renown will reset to zero, meaning you have to build it all back up again. As always, there are plenty of other ways to earn tokens during the Faction Rally.

Completing public events, lost sectors, strikes, raid activities, and Crucible matches will all get you tokens. There are also daily faction rally milestones that you can complete. The rally runs from June 5 until June 12, and you can keep on leveling up until it is over, or until you have all the faction specific loot that you want.

Also, pick your faction carefully, as all three offer different rewards, including an exotic ornament and an exotic catalyst.

  • Dead Orbit (Eye of Another World Ornament, Graviton Lance Catalyst)
  • New Monarchy (Crest of Alpha Lupi Ornament, Sweet Business Catalyst)
  • Future War Cult (Knucklehead Radar Ornament, Sunshot Catalyst)

That should set you up with everything you need to properly grind this faction rally. If you need help with any other aspect of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our comprehensive Guide Hub.

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