How to Make Money in Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution

I’ve got a little ways to go before I can finish my review of Jurassic World Evolution, but one of the features that annoy me the most is that your finances aren’t shared between the islands you unlock. My first island, Isla Matanceros, is flush with cash. I’ve built up several enclosures, raised happy dinosaurs, and am providing my park visitors with all the amenities they desire. I’m a multi-millionaire here. Then, as I unlocked Isla Muerta, I start with very little money available to build up a new park there. I understand why the developers have chosen to keep the finances separate, but I was looking for a way to transfer money from my rich island to my poor island nevertheless.

In short, there is no direct way to transfer money between islands, but there are a few things you can do to assure you’ll quickly gain financial stability on your newly unlocked islands.

Research and Expeditions

How to Make Money in Jurassic World Evolution
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While it may be tempting to start expeditions and undertake research from your new island, keep in mind that these things are shared across all of your islands. It is much more efficient for you to travel back to your profitable island and kick off expeditions and research from there. That way you’re not spending your limited financial resources from the island you’re trying to build up.


How to Make Money in Jurassic World Evolution
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One of the benefits of sending out expeditions on a regular basis is that not only will you develop your genomes, but you also occasionally find fossils that can be sold for large amounts of money. In fact, as you complete genomes, you’ll soon find yourself with a steady supply of valuable fossils that have no extractable DNA. Even though you’ll be starting expeditions from your rich island, always make sure that you only sell these fossils from your developing island, thus providing it with a valuable cash injection.

Contracts & Missions

How to Make Money in Jurassic World Evolution
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Missions are a great way to get a large boost of money on your developing island. In order to unlock the three available missions, you’ll have to take on contracts. Don’t hesitate to abandon contracts that aren’t feasibly completed on your new island and use the tips above to slowly build up your finances. This way it won’t take very long before you’ve unlocked the first mission and you’ll be well on your way to having the finances available to grow your park.

I’m Desperate!

How to Make Money in Jurassic World Evolution
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Finally, if things get really bad and you’re in desperate need of a few thousand dollars on your newly unlocked, fledgling island, you can always hop into the nearest Ranger jeep and try to grab a few spectacular photos of your dinosaurs. Keep in mind that photos featuring a variety of dinosaurs performing unique actions will always result in a higher payout. Of course, chances are that you’ve only got one or two dinos available at this stage, so you’ll have to be creative.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get your newly unlocked island off the ground. Don’t forget to utilize your established parks to perform expensive tasks like expeditions and research and take advantage of the fact that you can sell or utilize the results of those activities in your developing parks.

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