Pokémon Go Zapdos Raid Guide


Rounding out the trio of Legendary Birds, Zapdos will be making an appearance in Tier 5 Raids Starting Monday, August 7. Finally, the members of Team Instinct will be able to catch their mascot. This guide will show you the best Pokémon to use against this Electric/Flying type.

Zapdos is a combination of Electric and Flying, so just like the rest of the Legendary Birds, Rock and Ice type Pokémon are your best bet. If you don’t have a strong Rock type, we have others listed below that will put up a fight.


What else can I say about this Rock and Ground type Pokémon? Golem is currently the meta against the Legendary Birds and will continue to be when the Legendary Beasts and Ho-Oh come out. A move set of Rock Throw and Stone Edge.


Pokémon Go Zapdos Raid Guide

This Dark and Rock type will put up a good fight against Zapdos and is a for sure go to with a move set of Bite and Stone Edge. Tyranitar will also be able to take lots of damage since it is a Rock type.


The Ground and Ice type Pokémon may seem like a strange one to have in your lineup, but with a move set of Ice Shard/Powder Snow and Avalanche, you’ll do loads of damage to the Flying type part of Zapdos.


Pokémon Go Zapdos Raid Guide

The Dragon and Flying type will be able to do a lot of damage despite it not have any moves that are super effective. A good combination of Dragon Breath/Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw/Outrage will certainly do the damage that is needed.


Pokémon Go Zapdos Raid Guide

If you’re looking to stay in the fight and still do damage this Ground and Rock type is your choice. The move set you want is Mud Slap and Stone Edge. I recommend you put Rhydon as your number five or six Pokémon, so you can hold the line and still do a good amount of damage.

When you defeat and catch the Legendary Zapdos, you’ll have one of the best Electric type Pokémon in the game to use against Gyms and Raid Bosses. With any luck, you will also have the chance to catch the Shiny Variant as well.

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