How to Track and Claim Triumphs in Destiny 2: Forsaken

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Bungie has always tried to provide its player base with some way to keep track of all their achievements in the Destiny universe. In the original title, we had the Grimoire score, a basic score tied to lore cards that kept track of all of your achievements. It was a Guardian’s best way to determine the level of expertise of other players in their fireteam. Destiny 2 did not have such a feature, and while the previous Moments of Triumphs and Solstice of Heroes provided some tracking ability, it isn’t until the release of Forsaken that players can genuinely track their Triumphs.

What Are Triumphs?

How to Track and Claim Triumphs in Destiny 2: Forsaken
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Triumphs can be found in your character menu, one tab over from your inventory. At the time of the writing of this guide, there are a total of 747 triumphs that can be tracked and claimed in Destiny 2. Triumphs are organized into seven groups:

  • Account Triumphs
  • Destinations Triumphs
  • Events Triumphs
  • Gambit Triumphs
  • Crucible Triumphs
  • Vanguard Triumphs
  • Lore Triumphs

How to Claim Triumphs

How to Track and Claim Triumphs in Destiny 2: Forsaken
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When you first start Destiny 2: Forsaken, it is likely that you already have many Triumphs unlocked from your previous exploits in the series. These Triumphs do not get automatically unlocked, unlike the Grimoire in Destiny. Instead, you will have to visit each category in the Triumphs screen and manually claim each item. It’s a nice activity to perform as it brings back many fond memories of your previous adventures.

You can see which category and group you have unclaimed Triumphs in by the small icon that is shown next to each group.

How to Track Triumphs

How to Track and Claim Triumphs in Destiny 2: Forsaken
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For players that would like some guidance as to what to pursue after the main story of Forsaken has concluded, Bungie made it easy to track incomplete Triumphs. Merely find a Triumph that interests you and tag it to be tracked. You’ll then be able to see it anytime you bring up your Ghost in-game.

Player Titles

How to Track and Claim Triumphs in Destiny 2: Forsaken
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Another feature that the Triumphs are used for is Player Titles. This is entirely new to Destiny and will allow Guardians to show off their might and experience. Completing a specific Triumphs Seal will unlock a specific Player Title. To complete a Triumph Seal, you must merely claim all the Triumphs specified in that particular collection.

I’m happy to see Triumphs making a return to Destiny 2 as they not only provide a great way to track your progress but also provide some indication of a player’s experience. If you need help with any particular Triumph or activity, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Guide Hub to help you out.

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