All COD: Blackout Changes From The Beta

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout - Squad Fighting Behind Wall

Last month we got a lengthy hands-on period with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s Blackout mode. It was an overwhelming success, with many players declaring PUBG as “dead,” along with claims that Fortnite would see a considerable decline in players. With that said, the game was far from perfect, and Treyarch has realized that; Blackout changes had to be made. With Black Ops 4 launching tomorrow, the developers have released details on exactly what’s changed from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout beta to launch. Here are all of the Blackout changes from the beta:

Level 3 Armor

One of the biggest complaints with the beta was to do with level three armor. Players found it to be far too powerful and hard to kill someone with it on. It now has a reduced spawn rate, which doesn’t entirely fix all the issues, but it’s a good start. All armor now has its own health bar shown on the HUD too, so you know when it’s about to break.

Player Count

The beta started at 80 players, before rising to 88, then increasing again to 100. At launch, Blackout will feature 100 players per game for squads, but solos and duos will be capped at 88.

Muzzle Flash

When you fire your gun, it’ll be less noticeable now. Muzzle flash has been reduced to have less impact on a player’s field of view, along with being less noticeable in dark environments.

Console Looting

All COD: Blackout Changes From The Beta
 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Black – Tap To Pick Up Loot • Treyarch • Fair Use

On consoles, one of the biggest complaints was how long it took to pick items up. You can now tap to pick up loot on the floor rather than holding it – there’s also a possibility that may become the default. You also don’t have to look directly down to pick stuff up anymore.

Outside The Zone

Being outside of the safe zone causes gradual damage, but the visual effects have been reduced. There’s less “redness” now, so it “feels appropriate to being outside.”

Audio Adjustments

There are three changes to the audio: footsteps of teammates are now quieter, so it’s easier to discern between an enemy and a friend. There are some new mixer options in the settings, and faulty sound issues between walls and structures are now fixed.

HUD Information

You now get more information via the HUD, including specific notifications when teammates get knocked down. There are also counters for both kills; knocking down enemies, and cleanups; finishing a downed enemy.

After Action Report

All COD: Blackout Changes From The Beta
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout – After Action Report • Treyarch • Fair Use

There’s more information displayed at the end of each game too, as the After Action Report presents teammates’ stats.


The way you unlock new characters has completely changed. Every 20 levels, you’ll be awarded a new character. In-game, you also get points for kills, though not as much as you get for your placement.


There’s now a noticeable difference between a hitmarker on an enemy and one on a vehicle.

For everything Treyarch have discussed surrounding Black Ops 4 in the run-up to launch, you can find their full “Road to Launch” live stream below.

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