Destiny 2 - How To Access The Haunted Forest

Haunted Forest

For a short time in Destiny 2, Guardians will be able to test themselves in the Haunted Forest. The Haunted Forest is a rather spooky development, that will be in the game for the Festival of the Lost. You can venture into it to fight waves of bad guys, moving as deep into the forest as possible.

How To Access The Haunted Forest

Destiny 2 - How To Access The Haunted Forest
Festival of the LostTL;DR Games • Fair Use

To access the haunted forest, you will need to head for the Tower, then visit Amanda Holliday in the hangar. She will have a mission for you if you talk to her. Check your Milestones in the director, and you will see that you need to head to Io. Do so, then complete the mission for Amanda. She will want you to check out a Lost Sector because something weird is going down. This is a long enough mission, but not particularly difficult, and at 200 Power you shouldn’t struggle with it in any way.

Wrap up the mission, then head back to the Tower! Speak to Amanda, and she will advise you that something strange is happening and that she needs you to check out the Haunted Forest. You don’t need to go anywhere to do this, just open up your director in the Tower and you will see a new icon on it. This is for the Haunted Forest. It is important to note; you need to be wearing a Festival of the Lost mask to access it, so be sure you have gotten your mask from Tess Eververse.

Destiny 2 - How To Access The Haunted Forest
Haunted ForestTL;DR Games • Fair Use

And that’s it; you can now access the Forbidden Forest. You can play it either solo, with friends, or take advantage of matching making to find a Fireteam. Be sure to spend a lot of time in it this week, and check in with Amanda for bounties, as there is some potential loot to be had.

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