Four Ways to Find Your Hat in Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur Morgan

Things aren’t all smooth and easy going for Arthur Morgan and the gang in Red Dead Redemption 2, so it should come as no surprise that you’ll end up losing your hat from time to time. Typically this happens when you’ve had it shot off your head. This guide will show you four ways to find your hat in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Pick It Up Where You Left It

Four Ways to Find Your Hat in Red Dead Redemption 2
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The simplest way to get your hat back is to pick it up off the ground wherever you left it. You’ll be able to see it on the ground and pick it up. Now, the hat may show some signs of decay, depending on how it left your head in the first place. It may also be easier said than done, depending on where and how you dropped your hat.

Get a New Hat From Your Horse

Four Ways to Find Your Hat in Red Dead Redemption 2
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If you’ve lost your hat but your trusty horse is nearby, you’ll be able to retrieve a brand new hat from its inventory. Simply navigate to the Items tab in the horse inventory and choose from one of three hats. The hats will depend on what outfits you have saved to your horse.

Get a New Hat From Your Camp

Four Ways to Find Your Hat in Red Dead Redemption 2
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Perhaps you’d like to start each day off with a bowl of stew, a cup of coffee, and a crisp new hat. That’s understandable. Fortunately, Arthur has a chest full of seemingly endless clothing and hats right beside his bed in his camp. From there you can grab a new hat whenever you like.

Get a New Hat From a Shop

If you’re far away from your horse, your camp, and you can’t locate your hat anywhere, you may have been drinking too much in the saloon the night before. In that case, you may want to visit the local shop and check out their clothing options. If you’ve previously purchased a hat, you can get a new one for free.

Now that you’ve learned about four ways to never be without your head covering, you may want to check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide Hub for more helpful tips.

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