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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies - Blood of the Dead Final Boss

The third map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies is Blood of the Dead, a remake of the Mob of the Dead map which was in turn inspired by Call of the Dead in previous games. The original crew is back, and once again, there’s another easter egg to solve. The Blood of the Dead easter egg is just as tricky as the others in Black Ops 4 and as such, it’s almost impossible to explain without our Blood of the Dead easter egg guide. You need to find a Spoon, hunt down the locations of a bird, get two different wonder weapons and more. This Blood of the Dead easter egg guide will tell you all you need to know to complete it.

Unlock Pack A Punch & obtain Spectral Shield – Blood of the Dead easter egg

We’ve already covered a number of these steps as individual guides, but the first thing you want to do is unlock the Pack A Punch machine on the roof and get the Spectral Shield as it’s a key component to completing the easter egg. Our Pack A Punch guide found here covers everything you need to know on that. Oh and of course, don’t forget to turn on the power!

Obtain the Hell’s Retriever – Blood of the Dead easter egg

Next, you want to get your first wonder weapon – the Hell’s Retriever. Follow this separate guide to help you complete that – it also covers the Hell’s Redeemer upgrade, but you only need the Hell’s Retriever for the quest.

Obtain the Spoon – Blood of the Dead easter egg

Now you need the Spoon. Guess what? We have a separate guide for that too, including the Golden Spork upgrade but again, you only need the Spoon.

Obtain the Blundergat & Magmagat/Acidgat upgrade – Blood of the Dead easter egg

Time for the next wonder weapon! You need to follow these steps to obtain a Blundergat, along with either the Magmagat or Acidgat upgrade. Each one has different instructions so make sure you’re following closely.

Obtain free Monkey Bombs – Blood of the Dead easter egg

This isn’t required as you can get Monkey Bombs through the Mystery Box, but you need them for a later step. One way to get Monkey Bombs for free is to use your specialist weapon until it reaches level two, then go to C-D Street. Through a zombie window located underneath a Broadway sign is a Monkey Bomb statue. Kill zombies by the window with your specialist weapon, and it will fill the statue’s hat with zombie souls. When it glows red, that means it’s full, and you can shoot it to make it levitate then disappear. Finally, you want to go to Richtofen’s Laboratory, and you can pick up Monkey Bombs from the teleporter pad on the table next to the typewriter.

Done all of that? Now you can get started on the main Blood of the Dead easter egg!

Opening the ritual room – Blood of the Dead easter egg

The first thing you need to do is go to the Warden’s House. With the Spoon or Golden Spork equipped as your melee weapon, go to the top of the staircase and melee the wall on the left. This should leave a scratch mark on the wall.

Blood of the Dead Easter Egg Guide - Black Ops 4 Zombies
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies – Blood of the Dead Warden’s House Ritual Room Wall • Reddit • Fair Use

Go and find Brutus – if he isn’t spawned in, get a full charge with your Spectral Shield and go down to the number pad at the bottom of the Citadel Tunnels. Input “666” and a Brutus will spawn next to the pad – you can only do this once per game though so make sure nobody else in the match has already spawned a Brutus via this method. Take the Brutus to the Warden’s House and throw down a Monkey Bomb at the top of the stairs, below the scratched wall. This should cause Brutus to electric slam the Monkey Bomb, crumbling the wall to the left and opening up a doorway to the Ritual Room.

Head inside, interact with the lever next to the electric chair and pick up the red stone on the table. Now you want to leave and go to Richtofen’s Laboratory – the same place the free Monkey Bombs spawn.

Finding the spectral bird – Blood of the Dead easter egg

This step is one of the most frustrating in any of the easter eggs in Black Ops 4, but it’s necessary to complete the map. Once in Richtofen’s Laboratory, place the red stone you picked up on the map on the wall.

Blood of the Dead Easter Egg Guide - Black Ops 4 Zombies
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies – Blood of the Dead Spectral Bird • NoahJ456 • Fair Use

Next, interact with the Kronorium book lying on the floor – this will spawn a spectral bird which will fly out the window. You now need to search for it. Usually, we’d list the potential locations it could be but in this case… it can spawn pretty much anywhere. Every single room on the map has a place the bird can spawn. You need to find it with your Spectral Shield equipped and use the spirit blast on it – thankfully, with your Spectral Shield equipped, the bird will make a noise that can help you find its location. Using the spirit blast will cause the bird to fly off to another location. Do this three times in total and eventually, you’ll be able to hear a man crying near the bird and a sparkling orb nearby.

When you find the sparkling orb, we need to make this abundantly clear otherwise the step will bug out: There can only be one person in the same area as the player with the sparkling orb. Have everybody else run off to different parts of the map, otherwise the map can glitch, and you’ll have to restart.

Don’t shoot the sparkling orb yet – run to the number pad in the Citadel Tunnels and input “872”. This will spawn a Zombie Blood Pack for you to collect. Now you want to go back to the orb and throw your Hell’s Retriever at it instead. This should allow you to pick up the Kronorium off the floor.

Five challenges – Blood of the Dead easter egg

Head back to the ritual room in the Warden’s House and place the Kronorium on the electric chair. The pages will start going crazy – interact with it to stop the pages from turning then equip your Spectral Shield. Three numbers will appear in the book. Guess what you do with them? Head back down the Citadel Tunnels and input the numbers into the number pad.

This will cause the lighthouse beam to move, pointing at one of five locations:

  • Docks
  • Power House
  • Showers
  • New Industries
  • Michigan Avenue

Head to wherever it’s pointing and fire a spirit blast at the red portal there to begin the challenge. There’s five challenges in total, one after the other. After you complete each one, you will need to return to the Kronorium in the Warden’s Office to obtain a new set of numbers for the pad in the Citadel Tunnels. Here’s how you complete each challenge:


Inside the Warden’s House is a lamp which is emitting morse code. Take a note of the code and head over to Sally Port. Inside a cage is a morse code machine – approach it and input the code you noted down from the lamp. If you get it wrong, the Warden will laugh and you need to input it again. When you’ve done it correctly, your character will say that it’s done right and you won’t be able to interact with the machine anymore.

Blood of the Dead Easter Egg Guide - Black Ops 4 Zombies
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies – Blood of the Dead Morse Code Machine • Reddit • Fair Use

This will spawn a spectral boat at the Docks. Go to the Infirmary and kill a zombie in the long corridor. This will spawn a ghost zombie – spirit blast it and it will freeze in place. Have someone in the match approach the ghost and interact with it to make him start moving again, as it will follow that player. You now need to kill as many zombies as possible around the ghost to keep it moving. Escort it down to the spectral boat at the Docks, and it will drop another red stone. Pick it up and move on to the next random challenge.

Power House

Go on down to Building 64 after firing a spirit blast at the red portal. Look for the sparking generator in the corner of the room and interact with it. This will start a makeshift game of Simon Says.

Five rounds will occur, with machines lighting up. Interact with each machine in the order they light up. Do this for five rounds, and eventually, three machines will light up at the same time. A fourth machine will start flashing – ignore that one then when all the lights disappear, go up to them and make a note of the exact symbol on the piece of paper stapled to the machine. Use this cheat sheet courtesy of /r/CODZombies to help you – simply remember the numbers for your three symbols.

Pick up the punch card off the shelf in the middle then go to Model Industries and input the punch card into the machine. This will cause six monitors around the room to light up, each with a symbol. Three of them will match the symbols you had on the machines in Building 64. Interact with the three correct monitors and each one will give you a new symbol – use the same cheat sheet to remembers the letters assigned to those symbols.

Go to the Power House and equip your Spectral Shield. You’ll see a spectral ghost pulling levers on the machines, near the first power switch. Each lever is, once again, assigned to your new symbols. Right as the ghost starts to pull each of your levers, spirit blast him with your shield and he will become visible to the naked eye. When you’ve done that three times, once for each correct lever, he will vanish, and you can pick up another red stone from where he was stood.


In the showers, a ghost will spawn near the portal, only this time he’s playing the banjo… yeah, you read that right. Interact with him, and you’ll take the banjo off his hands. It will go on your back, and blue circles will spawn on the ground. Stand in the blue circles and kill as many zombies as possible to collect souls. Give the ghost his banjo back – do this enough times, and eventually, circles won’t spawn any longer, the ghost will vanish, and you’ll get the third red stone.

New Industries

Warning: This challenge is difficultWe recommend having someone running a train of zombies far away from the Library, New Industries and Catwalk/Recreation Grounds. This will be nearly impossible to do with the usual hordes of zombies attacking you at the same time.

You need to head to the Library and kill a zombie inside to spawn the ghost. This ghost is on a murder mission to kill another ghost inside New Industries. Spirit blast it to make it start moving, then start draining its health with your key. When he stops moving, spirit blast it again then keep draining its health. It has a lot of health, so the best way to do this is to stand in front of its path to stop it from moving forward, to ensure you have enough time to drain it all the way. When he is completely red and has stopped turning invisible, run into New Industries and stand by the trap in the middle of the room. When he enters the door, turn the trap on, and it should kill the ghost zombie when he walks through the trap. Wait for the trap to finish then pick up the red stone.

Michigan Avenue

The fifth challenge has you start at the Cafeteria, and is the simplest one to complete though not necessarily the easiest. Kill a zombie in the Cafeteria to spawn in another ghost zombie. Spirit blast it with your shield to make it start moving at which point it becomes a basic escort mission. Defend the zombie from taking too many hits until it reaches its destination in Michigan Avenue. Pick up the final red stone, then go and place them all on the map in Richtofen’s Laboratory alongside the original red stone.

Final Boss Fight – Blood of the Dead easter egg

After that, head to the Warden’s House and into the ritual room again. Have all players interact with the corpse in the electric chair, and you’ll be teleported to the cells. The spectral bird will fly by and unlock your cell – make sure you grab all of your weapons and equipment from the bag on the floor. Follow the bird from the prison back to Richtofen’s Laboratory. After another in-game cutscene, pick up the final red stone and put it on the map on the wall. This will open a secret door – have all players go to the top of the stairs and stand in the lights. Interact with the door, and the final boss fight will start.

When the boss fight begins, focus on getting at least two full Spectral Shield spirit blast charges by killing hellhounds and zombies. Eventually, a Max Ammo and Carpenter power-up will spawn. Grab them, and the Warden will create a red zone around himself with some floating orbs. Stand inside the zone and shoot the orbs, but not with the Blundergat or any variant because that doesn’t do any damage to them. Shoot them with a Pack A Punched weapon, and when the orbs are broken, you need to spirit blast the orb above the machine in the middle of the arena.

Do this twice more, then whoever is playing as Richtofen needs to interact with the machine in the middle. A cutscene will play, and the remaining players in the arena just need to survive until Richtofen returns via the original door you entered the arena from. Kill the Warden for the final time, and you will have completed the Blood of the Dead easter egg.

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