Step Two of the Thunderlord Murder Mystery Quest in Destiny 2

Amanda Holliday

The Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 is coming to a close, but there is one more quest available for Guardians. The Murder Mystery quest is now in its second week and players are still hopeful that at its conclusion will be a shiny Thunderlord exotic machine gun.

Step Two of the Thunderlord Murder Mystery Quest in Destiny 2
Destiny 1 Thunderlord (Year 2)Destiny Wiki • Fair Use

Murder Mystery: Step 1 Recap

To recap the first step of the Murder Mystery quest from last week is not going to take very long. After visiting Amanda Holliday in the hangar of the tower, she will ask you to investigate the murder of Master Ives, one the cryptarchs. Your investigation will involve collecting journal pages by finding legendary engrams or defeating elite Fallen in the EDZ. Some players put their unspent legendary shards to good use by merely purchasing ten legendary engrams from Master Rahool, while others went about participating in public events in the EDZ which feature an abundance of orange-bar Fallen enemies.

After completing Master Ives’ journal, the trail went cold. Until this week.

Murder Mystery: Step 2

Let’s be honest; it doesn’t feel like this murder investigation is all that complex. After gathering journal pages, Guardians are dispatched to clear out what amounts to a total of four lost sectors in the EDZ. Their search for Master Ives’ murderer is helped by defeating major Fallen enemies hiding out in these lost sectors. If you’ve already completed lost sectors in the EDZ, you can see their names marked on the map. If you haven’t, we’ve embedded a handy map for you below.

Step Two of the Thunderlord Murder Mystery Quest in Destiny 2
EDZ Lost SectorsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

You’re looking for the Atrium, Widow’s Walk, and Terminus East lost sectors in Trostland. After clearing these three, the quest updates, sending you to the Whispered Falls lost sector in the Outskirts.

Check back next Tuesday when we expect the conclusion of the Murder Mystery quest, and we’ll finally find out if we are indeed going to be rewarded with Thunderlord. In the meantime, feel free to check out our Destiny 2 Guide Hub.

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