How To Check IVs In Pokemon Let’s Go And Unlock Judge

Pokemon Let's Go - Judge Pidgey Stats

Experienced Pokemon trainers among you will be familiar with the concept of Individual Values, or IVs for short. These are hidden stats that every single Pokemon has and are a crucial part in finding the very best Pokemon possible. They’ve been in the main Pokemon games for generations, and with Pokemon Go becoming so mainstream, more people have been introduced to IVs. In Pokemon Go, to get a rough estimation of a Pokemon’s IV that you’ve caught, you have to appraise it. To find out the exact IV, you can use a complex mathematical formula or download a third-party app. With Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Eevee however, you need to unlock the Judge ability. Here is how to check IVs in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu.

How To Check IVs In Pokemon Let’s Go And Unlock Judge
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How to get Judge in Pokemon Let’s Go

To check Pokemon IV stats in Pokemon Let’s Go, you need to unlock Judge. If you remember in the original first generation of Pokemon games, Professor Oak’s aides could be found in various locations. If you’d completed their Pokedex requirements, they’d reward you with essential items like the Itemfinder. This is how you get Judge.

By the time you get to Vermillion City, make sure you’ve caught 30 unique species of Pokemon so your Pokedex shows 30 or more completed. Then go to Route 11 which is east of Vermillion City and enter a building to the far right. You’ll find one of Oak’s assistants upstairs. Talk to him, and if you’ve caught 30 unique species of Pokemon, you’ll unlock the Judge ability.

How to check IVs in Pokemon Let’s Go

When you’ve got Judge, to check your Pokemon’s IV stats, you have to open the relevant Pokemon in your box and go to the summary page. You can then cycle through all of your Pocket Monsters with ease, checking the IV stats for every single one. Why not start with the Mew we explained how to get earlier?

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