How to Play With Friends and Create a Team in Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 has launched to middling reviews at best, but the game is indeed more enjoyable with a group of friends than solo. Many bugs or performance issues can be overlooked when you’re having fun with your teammates as you’re exploring the Appalachian wasteland. Since Bethesda has chosen to integrate Fallout 76 into its own Bethesda Launcher app, as opposed to using a proven platform like Steam, for example, playing with your friends is not entirely straightforward. Read on to learn how to create a team in Fallout 76, so you can play with friends.

How to Add Your Friends in Fallout 76

How to Play With Friends and Create a Team in Fallout 76
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The Friends tab is accessed from Fallout 76‘s main menu when clicking the Social option. It will bring up a pane on the right side of your screen with a list of your existing friends and their current connection status.

To add a new friend, click in the text field at the bottom of the Friends window and enter your friend’s Bethesda username. This isn’t necessarily their character name! Bethesda is offering no way to search or confirm you’ve entered the correct name, so give it your best shot and hope you haven’t just invited some other gamer named Dusty, or Dustee, or some variation of who you wanted to add.

Once your friend sees and accepts the invite, they will appear in the list from now on. If your friend misses the invite, you’ll have to do it again, all while cursing both your friend and Bethesda’s implementation of “social.”

How to Create a Team in Fallout 76

How to Play With Friends and Create a Team in Fallout 76
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Where Bethesda’s implementation of social features improves a little is their concept of a Team. A team is similar to a squad in other games and allows you to ensure your friends can play in the same server, share some perks and quests, and fast travel to each other.

Inviting a friend to your team is as simple as finding him or her in the Friends tab and choosing the “Invite To Team” option. Once accepted, your new teammate will show on the in-game HUD and in-game map.

If you want to invite players that you’ve only met in-game and that aren’t on your friends list, you can invite them to your team directly from the in-game map. That’s a nice touch.

How to Play With Friends and Create a Team in Fallout 76
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You can fast travel to any of your teammates for free at any time in Fallout 76, which is a very nice feature and if used correctly, allows for quick traversal of the Appalachian wasteland. Teammates are also able to use items in your camp, and any of your stash boxes automatically become their stash boxes. By that, I mean that they will see their things in the stash box, while you continue to see yours.

Now that you know how to play with your friends in Fallout 76, you’ll likely have a lot more fun. For more Fallout 76 guides, please visit our Guide Hub.

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