Where to Catch Salmon and Make Money in Red Dead Online

Salmon Fishing

It’s no secret that making money in Red Dead Online can be a struggle. At the time of the writing of this guide, Rockstar Games is still trying to assess the problems with the game’s economy, and for the moment, fishing is one of the most profitable activities. But even in this area, there are different levels of efficiency and this guide aims to show you one of the best places to catch Salmon. We’ve also got details on a community favorite fishing route for those of you that want to be super-productive.

How to Fish in Red Dead Online

Where to Catch Salmon and Make Money in Red Dead Online
Lake LureTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The two requirements for successful Salmon fishing in Red Dead Online are a fishing rod and a Lake or River Lure. You’ll have to be rank 14 to purchase the fishing rod, and the Lake or River Lure can be bought at rank 30, but you can get it with one Gold before then. It doesn’t matter much which of the two you get, as it seems that they work interchangeably well.

Best Location to Catch Salmon

Where to Catch Salmon and Make Money in Red Dead Online
Upper Montana RiverTL;DR Games • Fair Use

There are many locations to go fishing at, but our favorite is where the Upper Montana River meets Lake Owanjila just west of the town of Strawberry. The reason for this location is that it’s a bit out of the way and typically less populated, giving you plenty of peace to go about your business. It’s also a very short ride away from the butcher in Strawberry, and there are several groups of Elk along the way, so you can snag a perfect carcass and pelt on your way to sell the fish.

Salmon Fishing Tips

Where to Catch Salmon and Make Money in Red Dead Online
Upper Montana RiverTL;DR Games • Fair Use

I’ve been most successful right at the mouth of the Upper Montana River when casting due South. There seem to be nothing but Salmon in this area, except for the occasional Muskie. You can certainly pull one of these large fish out of the water should you catch one, but it does need to be stowed on the back of your horse, taking up space that would be more efficiently used by a dead elk or deer.

Don’t bother casting very far; a few yards should do the trick. You’ll be able to distinguish between a Salmon and a Muskie quite quickly, as the latter put up much more of a fight. If you end up with a Muskie on the hook, you can always cut the line. Don’t worry; you won’t lose the Lake or River Lure that you attached earlier. You didn’t forget to do that, did you?

Keep in mind that you can hold up to ten Salmon in your satchel, so keep track in your head to know when it’s time to quit. Another benefit of fishing is that each caught fish will increase your overall health levels. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s certainly a welcome side-effect.

How to Make Money by Fishing

Where to Catch Salmon and Make Money in Red Dead Online
Selling FishTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Despite the wonky economy in Red Dead Online, the one area that Rockstar Games has got right is the value of fish. Ride back to the butcher in Strawberry, and you can sell your ten-stack of Sockeye Salmon for $42.50. That’s an outstanding value compared to just about any other activity available in Red Dead Online.

Reddit’s Favorite Fishing Route

This is a fishing route/map to collect 10x steelhead and 10x salmon ($85). This method/route is currently the most profitable system in the game. from reddeadredemption

For those that want to truly maximize their time and profits, the Red Dead Redemption 2 Subreddit has a wonderfully efficient fishing route that combines gather Salmon and Steelhead Trout in the Dakota River and using the butcher in Valentine to sell them. This route is indeed a little more high-risk than ours, but if peak-efficiency is what you’re after, we suggest you give it a try.

Now that you’ve got a better idea on how to use fishing to generate income in Red Dead Online, why not head over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide Hub for more helpful articles?

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