Destiny 2 - How To Quickly Kill Powerful Enemies

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I see you, Guardian, and I see your struggle. For the Black Armory, you need to kill 25 powerful enemies, and you have been running in an out of Lost Sectors. Or, maybe, you have been running Strikes. There is an easier way. You might not have been in it for a while, or ever, but Calus has given us a rare opportunity with the Leviathan Raid, Guardian.

How To Quickly Kill Powerful Enemies

Nessus Orbit

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First, open up Nessus in the Director. While the Raid used to be accessible from the main Director screen, expansions mean it has been pushed down a layer. Load into the Leviathan Raid. Make sure you have an excellent Power weapon with you. I like to use Swords. They will get pretty much one-shot the enemies you are about to fight, and can still do damage even without ammo. This weapon allows you to get a couple of extra sneaky kills in.

Now, directly ahead of you, you should be able to see a lot of nice powerful enemies just standing there. They won’t attack you at all until you make a move. So, it’s time to make a move. Wipe them out. It really shouldn’t be an issue at all, as long as you are at a decent Power level. If you are trying to get into the Black Armory, then this is pretty much a given. All you need to do when they are all dead is leave the Raid, then load right back in. They will have spawned back in, and you can kill them all again. A quick and easy way to rack up the kills you need on powerful enemies and get yourself Radiant Seeds.

If you need to kill powerful Hive enemies, then there are two great options. Up first, Escalation Protocol on Mars. This public event will spawn plenty of Powerful enemies for you to take out. You can also head for the new playable area of the Moon, and spawn in at Sorrow's Harbor. Here you will find lots of Nightmare enemies, which will count as Powerful enemies for the quest. Just get close to the red Nightmare mist to make some spawn, take them out, then move on to the next area. 

The Glimmer Harvest public events are a great way to get kills against Powerful Fallen, as five or more will spawn with each wave of the event. If you make the event Heroic, you will also get an extended period at the end of the event that generates even more Powerful Fallen. These are on the EDZ and Nessus. 

The final place the works very well for this is just outside the Blind Well in the Dream City. If you are lucky and are then when "the enemies move against each other," you can rack up a huge amount of powerful kills pretty quickly!

So, there you go, Guardian, best of luck getting those Powerful enemy kills.

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