What Time Does Xur Come And Where Is Xur in Destiny 2 - Dec 7 2018


It’s the end of the week, which brings Xur slinking out of the Void with things to sell. The wiggly faced trader from beyond the Void brings rare items and cool gubbins. Xur no longer shows up on the in-game map though, nor is he tied to the Flashpoints, so we tracked him down for you. You asked “where is Xur?”, now allow us to tell you.

Where Is Xur

This week, you can find Xur at the Tower, behind Dead Orbit.

Tower Map
Tower MapTL;DR Games • Fair Use

What Is Xur Selling

This week, Xur is selling his usual stock of an armor item for each class, and a weapon. All these items are Exotics. Xur is also selling a Fated Engram and the Five of Swords.

Suros Regime – Primary Auto Rifle

Suros Regime
Suros RegimeTL;DR Games • Fair Use

ACD/0 Feedback Fence – Titan Gauntlets

ACD/0 Feedback Fence
ACD/0 Feedback FenceTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Crown of Tempests – Warlock Helmet

Crown of Tempests
Crown of TempestsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Armamentarium – Titan Chest Armor

Crown of Tempests
Crown of TempestsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

What Should You Buy?

Hunters should pick up the Ophidia Spathe. The Scissor Fingers perk works very well with Way of a Thousand Cuts. The Suros Regime is just a weak Auto Rifle, Exotic or not, and can be ignored if you don’t have it and are not in the mood for collecting. The Feedback Fence lack the impact they should, in my opinion, and if you like to punch stuff as a Titan, there are much better Exotics for that. Finally, the Crown Of Tempests isn’t a needle mover for Warlocks either. Another reasonably glum week from Xur, but unless the pool of Exotics he sells expands, this is just how it is going to be from now on.

That is it for Xur this week! If you need help with other aspects of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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