Top Hearthstone Rastakhan Hunter Decks - December 2018


Rastakhan’s Rumble, the latest expansion for Hearthstone, launched last week and there are 135 brand new cards to play with. Of course, this means it’s shaken up the meta decks considerably, with some considerable changes in the best Hearthstone decks. If you’re playing Hunter, here are some of the top Hearthstone Rastakhan Hunter decks to try out in both Standard and Wild, along with the player who created the deck.

Deathrattle Hunter – Standard (NVD_FreddyB)

Deathrattle Hunter became popular during the Boomsday Project season, but with the introduction of Oondasta, it’s even more powerful. To make this deck work, you need to combo the two Play Dead and Terrorscale Stalker with cards like Kathrena Winterwisp, Carnivorous Cube, and Devilsaur Egg. Even Spider Bomb if you need to regain board control. When you pop Deathstalker Rexxar, use the hero power to create more beasts with deathrattles before closing out the game with some huge minions.

Secret Hunter – Standard (TheCantelope)

Hunter has always had powerful secrets, but the class has been in a bit of a rut until the second half of 2018, so Secret Hunter hasn’t been too popular. With the introduction of the Emerald Spellstone in The Witchwood, Subject 9 in Boomsday Project and Zul’jin in Rastakhan’s Rumble, there’s a lot more tools the deck can utilize now. Of course, a huge portion of the deck is filled with secrets which is how you’ll win the game; play them frequently when you have the Emerald Spellstones in hand, then when you’ve got a lot of them down, and you’ve played an Animal Companion or two, release Zul’jin and take charge of the game. We’d recommend trying to get Zul’jin out before Deathstalker Rexxar in most scenarios, so you can continue to use the Build-A-Beast hero power and turn into a Midrange Hunter if your opponent somehow survives.

Spell Hunter – Wild (DuwinHS)

This deck plays similarly to the one above, with a bunch of secrets. This time though, you can include ones that have rotated out of Standard such as Bear Trap and Cat Trick. Quick Shot is another card the Wild deck benefits from, but the star performer here has to be Loatheb. The 5-cost legendary is incredibly powerful, especially if you hold on to the Coin and play both him and Mojomaster Zihi in the same turn.

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