Top Hearthstone Rastakhan Warlock Decks - December 2018

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From Zoolock to Cubelock, Warlock has been one of the most powerful classes in Hearthstone throughout 2018. Those two archetypes are still holding steady for the class, outperforming decks like Discardlock, despite Blizzard pushing it so hard with the cards they release. This guide covers three of the top Hearthstone Rastakhan Warlock decks for December 2018, for both Standard and Wild play.

Cubelock – Standard (H1J0_HS)

This Cubelock list may look familiar, and that’s because it doesn’t utilize any cards from Rastakhan’s Rumble whatsoever. It’s still one of the most powerful decks in the current meta though; using Faceless Manipulator on a Carnivorous Cube that has eaten a Voidlord followed by a Dark Pact is a combination of cards that will make anyone insta-concede. Long live the days Cubelock isn’t the best Warlock deck.

Zoolock – Standard (Mariana_HS)

Zoolock has existed since Hearthstone was first released and the concept has always been the same: Play low-cost minions and flood the board. The Life Tap hero power allows you to cycle through your deck faster when you run out of minions to play, and this deck specifically utilizes Prince Keleseth to make sure all of your minions have better stats. Utilize the two Doomguards as lethal finishers and The Soularium when you have enough mana to play four or more cards per turn.

Renolock – Wild (TheWildMeta)

Warlock has lost some powerful legendaries from Standard over the years, so this Wild Renolock deck utilizes a number of them. Mal’Ganis is the big one, making your hero immune while it’s alive, along with Emperor Thaurissan, Brann Bronzebeard, and N’Zoth, the Corruptor; three neutral legendaries that found their place into multiple Warlock decks. The only Rastakhan’s Rumble card included in this list is Shriek, which deals two damage to all minions in exchange for discarding your lowest cost card.

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