Top Hearthstone Rastakhan Shaman Decks - December 2018

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In recent months, Shaman has been one of the weaker classes in Hearthstone. Ever since the nerf seen toward the end of 2016 though, the class has struggled to keep up with some of the other classes in the game. Elemental Shaman has made an attempt, as did Token Shaman, but it wasn’t until Shudderwock came along earlier this year that Shaman could hang with the best again. It was initially seen as a meme card, but it turned out to be quite powerful as long as players could survive until throwing Shudderwock down. Nevertheless, Shaman still isn’t one of the best classes after Rastakhan’s Rumble, but with the right pilot, these top Hearthstone Rastakhan Shaman decks can help your surge to the higher ranks and even to legend.

Shudderwock Shaman – Standard (ThomerioHS)

It’s not much of a surprise, but one of the very best Shaman decks is still a Shudderwock variant, and this one doesn’t even utilize any cards from Rataskhan’s Rumble. If you’re unsure how the deck works, you essentially need to play as many of your battlecry minions as possible to help you stay alive, then play Shudderwock when you’ve got just a few cards left in your deck. This should – if done correctly – generate more Shudderwock’s in your hand through Zolo the Gorgon and Grumble, Worldshaker. Then you just keep playing them until you win or your opponent concedes.

Aggro Shaman – Standard (PizzaTCG)

Shaman has always been capable of producing a multitude of tokens, especially with the totem hero power. Aggro Shaman takes advantage of that with numerous small minions and a bunch of new cards like Likkim and Zentimo. It’s also one of the only decks this month that takes advantage of the new Spirits, with Spirit of the Frog allowing you to keep drawing spells from your deck like Zap!, Lightning Bolt, Rockbiter Weapon and Lava Burst.

Even Shaman – Wild (m3s_ru)

Even Shaman – as with all Even decks – makes the hero power a 1-cost ability, which means you can almost always exhaust all of your mana each turn. This deck is another that doesn’t take advantage of any new Shaman cards from Rastakhan’s Rumble, instead opting to be a deck that simply gets control of the board early and keeps it to wear down the opponent. Ensure you get the Sea Giants on the board as soon as you can, and you should walk all over your opponent.

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