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PUBG Vikendi Tips

Landing can be a bit unpredictable in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Sometimes you can stuck in places with no exit, and there is one similar place in the new Vikendi Map. The map brings a lot of new areas like the Cosmodrome. It is a dead space station with a huge broken skyscraper marked as Zone 1. If you accidentally landed on the roof there is no way down unless you jump and die. A Youtube Video has a working solution for this problem, this second way can help you to reach the ground without losing much of your precious health. Continue reading to learn how to get down from Cosmodrome Launch Site without losing health.

PUBG Vikendi Tips

How To Get Down From Cosmodrome Launch Station

At all cost avoid landing on the roof there is nothing up there, still if you fall try getting on the floor below the broken roof.

Cosmodrome Building - Jumping Down Without Losing Health

The most important thing to do is land on the floor below the top region. The top part is entirely broken, but there is a second floor below which should be your prime target of landing.  There is no way to go down if you are on the top most part, you have to jump and die.

Once you are on the second floor, the floor below the broken roof, walk to the end corner. This Launch Site is in U Shape with a massive gap in between. Walk to the corner either on left or right and jump on the metal frame supporting the wall. You can jump and stand on it, turn around and jump on the lower floor. This will eat a little bit of your health. Repeat the process to reach the lowest part of the building.  You have to be careful here that you won’t fall down in between the gaps.


On the last floor, jump towards the wall and keep hitting the forward joystick to finally touch the ground. This is the most reliable and working way to get down from Cosmodrome, for more details refer to the video.

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