When does Atlas release on Xbox One and PS4?

Image via Grapeshot Games

Atlas, a brand-new game from Grapeshot Games, the developer behind the popular ARK series, has been on PC for a few weeks now after releasing on Dec. 13.

The game is basically a rehash of ARK with boats and a pirate theme and has been getting mixed reviews since it released on PC. Some fans even discovered ARK files in the game, leading many to believe that the game was just resold with a new title to cash in on their previous engine.

Image via Grapeshot Games

Still, the game has been advertised heavily on Twitch with the game clocking over 20 million hours of viewer time in December 2018. And while PC owners have been able to enjoy the game for several weeks now, console games are yet to find out when the game will be releasing for them.

Currently, console owners might be in for a long wait to get their hands on the game. Atlas is currently expected to release sometime in 2019. Xbox One will be getting the game first through Microsoft's Xbox Game Preview program.

There is also no word on a PS4 version of the game at this time. That doesn't mean that the game could not come to PS4 in the future, but there has been no announcement on if a PS4 version is in development.


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