Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games: January 2019

Image via Nintendo

It is a brand new year, which means a bunch of new games are expected to come to the Nintendo Switch to kick off 2019.

Sadly, however, not much is on offer for the system this time around apart from a couple of good looking indie games and a port of a fan-favorite Wii U game. More could appear later on in the year in a form of a Nintendo Direct, but don't expect these games to arrive anytime soon.

If you got your Nintendo Switch for Christmas and are looking to bolster your library of games, then you might want to look into the Switch's already impressive library before bigger titles like Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and Luigi's Mansion 3 come out later on in the year.

Here is a small selection of new titles to keep tabs on though if you really want to grab yourself a new game.

January 4

Fitness Boxing

Image via Nintendo

January 11

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Image via Nintendo

January 18

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Image via Nintendo

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