Atlas: How And Where To Find Your Friends

How And Where To Find Friends

One of the most terrifying things in the multiplayer game is the "fear of loneliness", especially if you are playing with other players who are not your friends. You get this disturbing feeling in games where there are a lot of players in a server or where there is a very, very large map.

Unfortunately, Atlas is both: a game with a great number of player in each server and with a very large world map. In this Atlas guide, we are going to show you how and where you can meet or find your friend.

How And Where To Find Friends

How And Where To Find Your Friends

The developers of the game know this problem, and they have solved it with a simple idea: four starting island equal for all players. Beautiful, right? No? Have you just spawned on the northern island and your friend on the southern? Damn! And now? Again, no fear.

You need to find a port (there is one dock on each starting island) and talk to NPC near the water: you can sail with him to another starting island (on Nord, Sud, East or West side of the map).

Now you just need to talk to your friend: on which island you would meet?

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