Red Dead Online: How Hair Growth Works

How Hair Growth Works

Red Dead Online is a far west – literally – and as you try to escape from wild animals or players trying to kill you in the most creative ways, your strongest desire may be having a perfectly shaved beard.

This must have been what developers thought when they decided that the beards and hair in Red Dead Online should not have grown over time as it happens in Red Dead Redemption 2.

How Hair Growth Works

How Hair Growth Works

In Red Dead Online beard and hair do not grow as it happens in Red Dead Redemption 2: once you have decided the appearance of your character, it remains the same.

Are you bound forever to the style you hastily chose while you just wanted to start your adventure? Fortunately not, if you have enough money just go to a barber and everything is solved.

Barbers can be found in almost every major town (for example the one in Valentine is in the saloon: when you enter, just head towards the right of the stairs in front of you and reach the ground floor).

However, be sure you are really satisfied before confirming a new look: if on the one hand, you don’t have to wait weeks to see changes, on the other hand visiting a professional barber can be really expensive.

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