Red Dead Redemption 2: How Does Duel Work and Where to Practice Duel Skills

Duel Working Where To Practice

What’s more beautiful than a good old duel, when you are riding in the wild west looking for some adventure? If you can’t duel, however, things can turn very weird. For a respected cowboy, it’s not pleasant at all to be disarmed or killed before he can even extract the weapon.

In this Red Dead Redemption 2 guide, we explain to you how the dynamics of the duel work and where you can put into practice what you have learned.

How Does Duel Work

Duelling, in theory, is a rather simple process. You simply have to keep R2/RT half compressed: time will slow down and you can use a reticule to help yourself aiming at the precise point where you want to hit (remember you can both kill and disarm). When you’ve lined up the shot, fully press R2/RT. Job’s done.

If you have waited too long and you notice you don’t have time to aim before the opponent shots you, you can press R2/RT quickly and repeatedly after you have aimed. If your opponent hasn’t moved out of your line of fire, it will usually kill him (so try not to use this method if you’re just trying to disarm your opponent).

Where to Practice Duel

Now that you know how to duel, you could ask where you can put your knowledge into practice. Fortunately, in Red Dead Redemption 2 there are five Gunslingers quests where you can practice becoming the best gunfighter in the wild west.

To begin the first mission, you have to:

  • Have already settled camp
  • Have already reached Chapter 2
  • Head to Valentine
  • Go to the small saloon on the eastside of town
  • Look for the quest giver at the bar (his name is Theodore Levin)
  • Accept the quest (he will also provide you four photographs, on for each target)

For the fifth Gunslinger’s mission you have to wait until you’ve finished “A Fine Debauchery” in Chapter 4. Then you can start the final step of the chain speaking with the bartender in the same saloon where you’ve spoken with Theodore Levin.

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