Atlas Breeding Guide: Tips To Breed Animals In Atlas


In Atlas, you can tame creatures and some of them can be used for breeding. To unlock breeding you will need Beastmastery Skill. Under the skill tree, you will find Breeding Tier 2 and Breeding Tier 3 that will allow players to imprint powerful newborn creatures. In this guide, you will learn about the list of animals you can breed under Breeding Tier 2 and some tips on breeding.


Breeding Animals List

Below is the list of animals you can breed, thanks to Reddit user Addison2k the list, refer the source link at the end of this guide for more info.

What Animals You Can Breed?

List of Tier 1 Animals you can breed:

  • Chicken
  • Parrot
  • Rabbit
  • Sheep

List of Tier 2 Animals you can breed:

  • Bear
  • Bull
  • Cow
  • Crow
  • Horse
  • Pig
  • Seagull

Breeding Tips | Icons Indicator

 Do keep an eye on which color and what type of icons appears on top of the animals. The icons acts as an indicator of whether or not the climate are suitable for breeding.

What Does Iceberg, Island, And Orange Icons On Animals Indicate?

If you see an Island or an Iceberg icon on the top of animals that means the temperature is not suitable for animals to breed. The same will be available on babies or eggs which indicate the cold or hot temperature is not suitable to raise the baby.

Under this circumstance, animals will keep on taking damage unless the temperature issue is resolved. Orange message on the animals indicate undesirable biome for mating.

Advance Nature’s Touch Requires to Breed Tier 3 Animals:

You will need Advance Nature’s Touch that requires Breeding Tier 3 without these you cannot raise any animal that falls under this category.

  • Elephant
  • Giraffe
  • Lion
  • Rhino
  • Tiger

Hope the tips will help you to understand the Breeding mechanism of Atlas game, you can also read our guide on Taming Foods vs. Animals List to know more about taming.

Source: Reddit

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