Getting 9.9 difficult in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Classic Mode

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is known to be the best chapter ever in the Nintendo's series. It’s a game full of interesting features and a lot of new contents.

Among its contents there are the new single player’s adventure, World of Light, that is essential “a game in the game”. In one word: perfect.

One of the best modes in the game is Classic Mode: we can say that it is the best Classic Mode in the entire series.

Getting 9.9 difficult in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Classic Mode

Why the Classic Mode is so beautiful?

The Classic Mode in Super Smash Bors. Ultimate is the best Classic Mode ever because its design is… awesome.

Every character has a particular gameplay style and has a particular objective: Link, for example, fight against Evil and his final boss is a giant form of Ganon.

Ryu (or Ken) fights only in “energy match”, so you must bring your opponent’s life to zero to win the game, like Street Fighter’s series.

As every chapter in Super Smash Bros. Series, the Classic Mode has a lot of difficulty levels: from 0.0 to 9.9.

For each match that you win, the difficulty level increase.

How to get 9.9 difficulty level?

Sincerely? Winning every match. But it isn’t enough: you need to win every match in the shortest possible time, so you need to complete the Classic Mode with your main character.

For me, the best character is Samus Zero Suite: a good attack power and great mobility, but maybe for somebody else, the best character could be King K Rool with his powerful attacks.

There isn’t a “best choice” only your choice.

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