Red Dead Online Gun Rush Mode: Best Weapon And Where To Find Them


To stay on the top of the competition in Red Dead Online Battle Royale Mode - Gun Rush, you will need a good weapon. Gun Rush is a 32-players battle royale mode, and takes place inside a shrinking map, the last man standing becomes the winner. If you had played PUBG or Fortnite the gameplay will sound similar, player spawn at the edge of the map and they have to push into the center before the shrinking circle catches them. If you are outside you die, so no matter what your status you have to move. The challenge is to find some great weapons, strong enough to bury enemies in one bullet. In Battle-Royale mode it’s all about how accurately and fast you can shoot to get a headshot, but without a good weapon, this is not possible. In this guide, we bring you some valuable information on The Best Weapons for Red Dead Online Gun Rush and where to find them.


Red Dead Online Gun Rush Best Weapons

The weapons we recommend are based on certain factors like how to accurately you can use dead eye and how quick you are in using weapons, faster movements like run, dodge, etc. Weapon’s alone can’t give you super powers, it’s a combination of experience and skills you earn after spending hours playing RDR2 Online.

Top Weapons For Red Dead Online 32-player Battle Royale Mode


This one-hit kill close range weapon unlocks after Rank 5, it’s deadly enough to kill anyone in one shot and blows breakable objects between you and your enemy. Pump Shotgun carries high damage, fast reload, and good accuracy. These three features make shotgun an ideal weapon in the battle royal mode. Confident players can barge into a group of opponents and take them down instantly with a single shot per enemy.  It is important to understand Shotgun is a close-range weapon, you have to be near to your opponent, and this increases the chances of getting a spot. Following a strategy of hiding and attacking and then hiding back again will save you from enemies using a long-range weapon.

Varmint Rifle:

Worried about long-range enemies, then go for Varmint Rifle, similar to shotgun it unlocks after achieving certain rank and can be purchased from the Gunsmith. If you want to play defensive, then Varmint Rifle can help you to stay in cover, spot enemies and shoot them from long range. A right shot on the head is always head-shot. It has large ammo capacity and fast fire rate. Both features are ideal and important for a Battle Royale mode. I will recommend you to master this weapon and you will be unstoppable.

Quick tips To Play Gun Rush Mode

A few things to keep in mind before you pull out the weapon from the wheel and crash the party.

In Gun Rush all players are dropped at the edge of the map, run to the center fast to earn high quality loots. Scan chest to find armor, use the mini-map to find their locations.

Mini-map is your compass, it will show you buildings, rides, etc. don’t spend much time running directionless, use the mini-map to get a direction and move fast.

Similar to other Battle-Royale mode a high point is the best scan area, like a roof, or top of the building. It saves time in looking for other players, if you get the chance to climb high and get an idea of your enemy’s location.

Understand the regions well like Tall Trees, Rhodes and Fort Mercer. Shift to a new strategies and use the environment well. Like rocks are the best cover in Tall Trees, treasure chest are usually hidden in different camps in the center of the map. Players always look for horses, going on foot can help you a lot. Rhodes has buildings so finding a roof top is the best place to camp, listen to footsteps and always try to say inside. Fort Mercer is a big place surrounded by dessert, don’t move run anywhere reach the fort as soon as possible, the match begins from the fort. A good knowledge of Fort Interior will help you a lot.

Don’t forget to read our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki guide, which is a massive index of lots of guides and tips on the game. 

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