Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo: How to Get the W-870 Shotgun

How to Get the Shortgun

Resident Evil 2 Remake is one of the most awaited games of 2019. Despite it is going to be released quite soon, fans have already been delighted by a timed demo version. As there is no time to waste, in this guide we explain how to get the beloved W-870 Shotgun.

How to Get the Shortgun

How to Get the W-870 Shotgun

  • The first thing to do is rescuing Marvin (and receiving the combat knife).
  • Use the knife to cut the tape that inhibits the access to another area of the police station.
  • Grab the ammunition and explore the new area until a dark hallway.
  • Go ahead along the hallway, then continue down the hall you’ll find and around the corner (you should pass by two dead police officers first, and a zombie bashing his head against the windows then).
  • Look at the door sets to your right and enter: you will find the Weapons Locker Key Card waiting for you on a table.
  • Exit from the window and enter a new hallway.
  • Follow the path until you reach a small junction, then turn left (you will find an undead banging on a vending machine).
  • Look for a door on the left side of the hall: this door leads to the Weapons Locker Room (any idea, at this point?).
  • Enter the room and explore it. You will find a locked cabinet (no ideas?).
  • Ok, I’ll tell you. In this cabinet, you will find the shotgun and some ammunition.

Ops, sorry. I forgot to tell you that grabbing the gun will trigger a zombie attack. But now you’re ready to get rid of the undead. Aren’t you?

As you all aware of, the Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo comes with 30-minutes limitation, but there is a way to remove it on PC. To know the multiple ways of doing it follow our guide: 3 Ways To Remove Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo 30-Minutes Limitation [PC].

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