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Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition has hidden secret mission and trust me they are not easy to figure out. In this What Are Secret Missions And How To Complete Them Guide, you are going to learn a easier that we’ve found can help you to locate all of them. Secret Mission carries good rewards, in case you haven’t noticed them yet then keep reading.


Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Secret Missions

There are more than 20 secret missions with tough bosses to defeat, below is the list with info on how to complete Secret Missions.

List of Secret Mission & How To Complete Them

  • Secret Mission 1: Fight Zagi and at the same time protect Estellise from his attacks. 
  • Secret Mission 2: Attack the stone on Goliath’s feet while it charges its X Buster. 
  • Secret Mission 3: Lure Gattuso near Billybally plant and attack the plant to stun him.
  • Secret Mission 4: While fighting Zaig, wait for his upward spinning attack, go behind or below once he is in the air and use over-limit to knock him. 
  • Secret Mission 5: You have to wait till Dreaded Giant stands on his rear legs and you get a wide opening to bring him down. Also, make sure you had attacked enough to drain his shield.
  • Secret Mission 6: In this mission, you have to do multiple things and it all about how you position yourself while dealing with Gigalarva. First, control Raven and try to bring Gigalarva under 24,000 HP and cast Serpent to prevent healing, this is like a trap. You have to control Raven and use Serpent to set the trap to bring down Gigalarva along with preventing the boss from healing itself.
  • Secret Mission 7: Destroy the bridge support to block Barbos from calling backup, and kill the boss.
  • Secret Mission 8: Wait for Zagi to absorb energy that will cause his blastia to explode.
  • Secret Mission 9: After finding Pteropus Divide target the Leader Bat. Eliminate the bat first to prevent recombining. 
  • Secret Mission 10: Destroy the core of Outbreaker before defeating it, this will also destroy the magic that inverts day and night.
  • Secret Mission 11: Once you spot Belius, light up all 4 candles to eliminates its illusion. You can use Yuri’s Destruction Field to light the candles or any other way.
  • Secret Mission 12: Know down Nan & Tison when they strike their weapon on the ground, they will lose their balance for a while. You have to use this window to hit them.
  • Secret Mission 13: Knockdown Schwann when you see him using his Mystic Arte, use recovery and then Azure storm to destroy his shield and cause damage.
  • Secret Mission 14: You have to prevent Zagi from poisoning himself, you can prevent this by using Karol’s Nice Recovery Smash.
  • Secret Mission 15: Wait for Baitojoh’s Ice Edge Attack, once you see animation hit him and you will be able to bait him out of the water. Knock down the boss to complete the secret mission.
  • Secret Mission 16: For this mission, you have to start a nigh-event “What’s Important to Estellise” while facing Estellise second time. Go to Mantaic and use Mother’s Momento on the boss. 
  • Secret Mission 17: You have to use a strategy to make Yeager’s heart explode. You can use Raven’s Rain Arte.
  • Secret Mission 18: Attack Alexei after he uses his mystic arte, he is tired and you have a small window to cause some damage. Use recovery to get on your feet fast and then activate Azure Storms.
  • Secret Mission 19: Keep attacking Guisos tail till he stands on his rear leg and you get the change to attack his chest. Knock him down to complete the mission.
  • Secret Mission 20: Attack Khorma once you see rocks falling, you have to play with your attack timing to defeat the boss.
  • Secret Mission 21: Keep attacking Flynn till you see his different type of Arte’s along with Mystic Arte.
  • Secret Mission 22: Knockdown Zagi by targeting between his Blastia Bane, you can attack him with Azure Storm.
  • Secret Mission 23: Keep attacking Duke till you see his HP is below 15,000, then use Mystic Arte.

So now you can understand what to do to trigger a Secret Mission and how to complete them. Do mention in the comments section if you find any newer mission that we missed to add in the guide.

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