The Difference Between Catherine vs Catherine Classic vs Catherine Full Body

What is the Difference?

The lovers of Catherine, one of Atlus' most popular games, these days are undoubtedly happy with the news. The game released in 2011 for PS3 and Xbox 360, and it was ported to PC as Catherine Classic and released on January 11. On February 14, a new version of the game called "Catherine Full Body" will release in Japan (still to be confirmed the release date in Europe and North America).

Let’s see the differences between Catherine vs. Catherine Classic vs. Catherine: Full Body.

Catherine: the game in simple terms

This game is an action-adventure with platform, puzzle and RPGs elements. It takes place in a horror/erotic background in which you can find nightmares, love, death and a stunning blonde. The protagonist is a 32-years-old engineer (Vincent Brooks), engaged to a certain Katherine McBride.

His life is quite monotonous, and his girlfriend begins to speak about marriage. In opposition to this kind of life, a beautiful young woman named Catherine irrupt in his existence and seduces him. The morning after meeting her for the first time, he discovers that he spent the night with her, betraying his girlfriend. At the same time, Vincent begins to suffer from terrible nightmares, and I will not tell you anything else so as not to ruin the plot.

The game is also divided in 9 days (each one starting after a different nightmare), and it consists of two different kinds of gameplay: a free roaming and a puzzle component.

Catherine Classic: it is so different from Catherine?

No, it is a porting from PS3/ Xbox 360 to PC.

Catherine Full Body vs. Catherine Classic vs. Catherine Differences

Full Body is a re-edition of the original Catherine, with additional contents. The most significant difference is the presence of Rin – a third Catherine – but there are also other differences:

  • Twice of the stage amount of the original game (and even a Rapunzel mini-game)
  • More than 20 new scenes (and also new spicy scenes)
  • New endings: for Rin but also Catherine and Katherine
  • A multiplayer component featuring online PvP battles
  • New patrons to talk at the Stray Sheep
  • New levels of difficulty: a safety mode and an auto play mode
  • A new game mode (arrange mode) with a new mechanism that let you move multiple blocks at the same time when they are connected
  • Some of the effects of the items have been modified
  • Players can now rotate the camera and see behind the stage
  • When Vincent is in an emergency, Rin’s piano will be activated, and the stage won’t collapse
  • Babel and Colosseum now support online play. They also don’t need to be unlocked anymore
  • Vincent can view strategies that sheep have told him at save points.

 Please note that Catherine is available for PS3 and Xbox 360, Catherine Classic for PC, while Catherine Full Body will release for PS4 and PS Vita (this version will be available in Japan only).

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