Onimusha Warlords Weapons Guide: How To Unlock Swords, Matchlock Gun, And Bow

Powerful Weapons And Where To Find Them

It must be admitted: many games are funnier if we have a vast arsenal of weapons at our disposal, and Onimusha Warlords is no exception. Luckily, even if you begin with just a basic sword, you will soon start collecting more and more powerful weapons (you will unlock some by solving puzzles and others progressing along the story). In this guide, we explain all the Powerful Weapons in Onimusha Warlords and where to find them.

Powerful Weapons And Where To Find Them

Powerful Weapons You Can Unlock While Playing Onimusha Warlords

There are mainly six other weapons:

  • Raizen: Lightning Sword - Story
  • Enryuu: Fire Sword – Story
  • Arashi: Wind Sword - Story
  • Bishamon Sword – Story
  • Bow – Trick Box
  • Matchlock Gun - Story

All Swords And How To Unlock Them

Raizen: Lightning Sword

How to Unlock More Weapons

This sword is waiting for you sitting atop a shrine very early in the game: it is in the first temple you reach and can deliver damaging lighting attacks.

Enryuu: Fire Sword

How to Unlock More Weapons

This mighty sword delivers deadly flame attacks. You can find it waiting for you atop a pedestal after speaking with the corpse liver eater demon.

Arashi: Wind Sword

How to Unlock More Weapons

Arashi: Wind Sword is faster than a standard sword, It is not so powerful but can summon twisters (whoa!). You can find it by going through the main story: you will defeat a demon warrior atop a roof, and this sword is waiting for you there.

Bishamon Sword

How to Unlock More Weapons

Bishamon Sword is the most powerful sword in the game (by one hitting any non-boss enemy). It combines all three elemental magic, and you can unlock it near the end of the game, after completing all 20 stages of the Dark Realm. Let’s see step by step how to:

  • Complete the Dark Realm to receive a unique item named Bishamon Ocarina
  • Go inside the final save room before the boss fight in the Demon World
  • Use the Ocarina in front of the door-shaped strange thing on the wall (look at the photo)

Range Weapons


This ranged weapon can be used with standard and fire arrows. To find it, you have to solve a Trick Box inside the keep (read our guide about it: the Bow is the reward for the Trick Box 2 solution).


How to Unlock More Weapons

Matchlock Gun

This powerful firearm shoots single and burst bullets. To unlock it, you must follow a few steps.

How to Unlock More Weapons

  • Look at its position in the map (please note that this room is locked by a level 3 lock)
  • Look for the headless statue: you have to find its head
  • Defeat the boss which position in showed in the image below

How to Unlock More Weapons

  • Loot the nearby treasure chest to find the statue’s head
  • Head back inside and interact with the statue
  • Open the treasure chest that you will find

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