Can you open the map in Kingdom Hearts 3? | Map Guide

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The world of Kingdom Hearts 3 is massive, with different areas to explore and Disney-inspired locations to look around in search of rare and exciting items to help you in your quest.

Hidden across these worlds are large treasure chests that give you maps to the various areas— so how exactly do you open them to see the areas that you have visited and know where you might need to go next?

How To Open The Map In Kingdom Hearts 3

Short answer— you can't.

That's right folks; there is no way to open up the maps you are given for each world. All that item does is open a small mini-map in the top right corner of your screen to provide you with the slightest idea of where you are and where you are going next. 

Previous games in the series had maps to give players the tools needed to track their progress, but for some reason, the third installment has gone against the norm and taken the option away. This, of course, can have drastic effects as it forces gamers to remember the route by heart and makes explaining where certain rare items are more difficult than it needs to be.

Of course, Square Enix could always add the option to open a map in a future update for the game. But as it stands, we are just stuck praying for it to happen eventually.

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