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How to get 600000 score on Frozen Slider

For the Shield Shredder Kingdom Hearts 3 trophy or achievement, you need to play Frozen Slider in Arendelle and accumulate 600,000 points. Here are some tips to make the most of this challenging goal.

In the middle of the Arendelle adventure in Kingdom Hearts 3, while you're intent on rescuing Elsa from Frozen, all of a sudden you'll face a sequence where you'll have to slide from a mountain over Pippo's shield. Along with this path, you will find treasures and health points, and once you have completed the world of Arendelle and returned to the Ice Palace, you can play the previous mini-game talking to Elsa. For the Shield Shredder trophy or achievement, you need to earn 600,000 points - but as you’ll quickly learn, that’s easier said than done.

Tips To Get 600000 Score On Frozen Slider

In this guide, we will explain just how to quickly and easily reach the points necessary to unlock the trophy scope.

Keep up your combo

How to get 600000 score on Frozen Slider Kingdom Hearts 3

You'll need to keep essential combos as you descend the mountain and you'll have to collect all the prizes along the way. This means not having to go down at full speed and turn and slow down at the right moment.

Do not worry about the time; there is plenty of it or enough to make a clean and complete path without problems. Always try, however, to be careful even at the most complicated prizes.

Don’t crash!

How to get 600000 score on Frozen Slider Kingdom Hearts 3

The goal is very high, we are talking about 600,000 points, and the only way to achieve it is to maintain a long combo. To do this, you will not have to make any accidents, as well as not losing treasures and prizes as mentioned just above. The maximum achievable combination is an 8x multiplier, but if you already have only one small accident, pause and start again because it will be impossible to reach 600,000. The multiplier must obligatorily remain on 8x.

After all, not having accidents is also advantageous for points because you will have a score of 50,000 if you have never crashed along the way. This is 1/12 of the total score, but they are not subtleties because even these 50,000 make the difference between earning the trophy or starting all over again.

Grind on the ice rails for guaranteed prizes and no obstacles

How to get 600000 score on Frozen Slider Kingdom Hearts 3

After completing the first part of the mountain without problems, light blue lines will appear above the path. These are practically ice rails on which you can travel and have some unique advantages. The first is that there will be no obstacles on the sky and so you can travel in total tranquility, the second that the tracks are full of prizes, so you do not miss the combos.

When you have completed this track, you will fall on another track, and this means that you have removed a lot of problems thanks to this special track obtained thanks to the combos.

Jump again after you come off a rail to do a super double jump

How to get 600000 score on Frozen Slider Kingdom Hearts 3

If you do not have the Superjump equipped, do not worry, you can still skip twice in Frozen Slider when you exit a track. This will allow you to push yourself into the air and let a few seconds more to the position you, so you can gently and safely get down on a track underneath. Some tracks are then positioned in the sky, others at the bottom, learning this will allow you not to miss even a combo.

So the key to success is calm, patience and a lot of reactivity.

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