Kingdom Hearts 3 Adamantite Locations Guide: Where And How To Get The Adamantite

Kingdom Hearts 3 Adamantite Locations

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been on everyone's lips for days. Everyone plays it, and many love it despite its complexity. After seeing how to collect Fluorite, we now explain how to obtain another important and rare material: Adamantite.

What is Adamantite?

Adamantite is a rare synthesis material that you will need to enhance Sora and strengthen your Keyblade. It is tough to find, but extremely useful for synthesizing other valuable items for your equipment.

How And Where To Get Adamantite In Kingdom Hearts 3?

Adamantite is not easy to get and there are only two ways to find it around Kingdom Hearts 3. Here is how to find Adamantite, read carefully:

Where To Find Adamantite In KH3 | Method #1: By Mining Asteroids

Adamantite Location How to get Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

The mechanism is similar to collecting Fluorite in Starlight Way, then shooting the asteroids in the Misty Stream with your Gummi ship. This, however, will only give you a small chance of getting Adamantite. The percentages of the find are much lower than those of Fluorite and Damascus, so it may be necessary for mining for a long time to find the right amount of Adamantite.

Instead, if you wait for the unlocking of the Eclipse area, here the asteroids will have a slightly higher chance of giving you Adamantite. You can reach these areas from any world in the Misty Stream.

Where To Find Adamantite In KH3 | Method #2: From Chests

Adamantite Location How to get Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

Going forward in the game you will be given the opportunity to visit San Fransokyo and here there will be many chests scattered on the map with a fair amount of Adamantite inside. This is the fastest way to acquire this rare material, so try not to lose any treasure chest. Can be found in treasure chests in San Fransokyo

Where To Use Adamantite In Kingdom Hearts 3?

Similar to Fluorite and Damascus, Adamantite is a synthesis material that’s used for upgrading your Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s a higher tier item than the first two, so naturally, it’ll be much rarer and harder to find.

To upgrade your Keyblade, head to any of the Moogle Shops and select the Workshop option. Then choose Keyblade Forge, and you’ll be able to upgrade your desired Keyblade from there, provided you have the materials to do so.

This is all you need to know about the Adamantite collection, good luck!

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