The Division 2 - How to disable the VOIP and hide the IP

The Division 2: Disable the VOIP and hide IP

Yesterday began the private beta of The Division 2 and players from around the world have had the opportunity to try the news of the second installment of the Ubisoft shooter. However, some news related to the Black Screen Error and the revelation of some private information of the players as the IP address.

According to the successful BikeMan streamer, leaving the VOIP enabled while playing at The Division 2 would make your IP public by giving players highly sensitive information. For streamer and pro gamers this could lead not only to the knowledge of confidential data, as to possible very damaging DDoS attacks.

How to disable the VOIP and hide in The Division 2?

To avoid this problem, you will have to deactivate the VOIP as soon as you start the game.

The Division 2 How to disable the VOIP and hide

To disable the VOIP go into the game settings and in particular to the Audio voice. At this point go to Disable VOIP and click on Yes.

The Division 2 How to disable the VOIP and hide

In any case, it is not a bug since immediately Ubisoft had warned about this possibility so much that it also appears as a warning in the selection of VOIP. We remind you to manually deactivate this setting every time you enter the game because at the moment it will not be saved when the game is restarted.

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