Best Free to Play Games of 2019

Did someone say free?

Low on funds but in the mood for some awesome gaming experiences? Don’t worry, we've got you covered! Lucky for you, we live in a time where even AAA games are available for free. Whether these games are brand new experiences or veterans that have aged like fine wine, these free to play games deserve your time! With all, here’s a varied list of the best free to play games of 2019!  

Apex Legends  

If you’re even remotely tuned into gaming culture, then I’m sure you’ve heard of this smash hit. Apex Legends is the latest Battle Royale juggernaut to dominate the industry. Made by Respawn Entertainment, the creators of Titanfall, this refreshing Battle Royale game improves on every aspect of the genre while also innovating in ways that seem like a no-brainer. Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4, and XBO. 

Tetris 99 

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Tetris!?!? In 2019 you expect me to play yet another iteration of this game?” The answer to that question would be a resounding yes! Again, this is another title that dropped out of nowhere for the Nintendo Switch and has managed to attract countless players. The premise is simple: What if Tetris were a Battle Royale? At first, you may groan at the mere notion of that, but after your first match, you’ll be addicted. The matches are so fast-paced that you’ll lose countless hours attempting to become the very best Tetris player. 


The Warframe of today is a very different beast from its original launch. Yes, you’re still an ultra badass cyber-ninja with countless abilities, but the amount of content on display is staggering. The constant stream of updates puts other major studios to shame and you’ll sink countless hours into the title. Not only that, but the community is extremely supportive of new players and will help ease you into the overwhelming mechanics of the game. With the disappointing launch of Anthem still fresh on the minds of gamers, this free to play “loot-shooter” is the best of its class. Warframe is available on PC, PS4, XBO, & NS. 


Maybe you’re a fan of card games? Look no further than Hearthstone. With a unique art-style that’s set in the World of Warcraft universe, Hearthstone has a certain charm like no other card game. Not only that but the mechanics are highly addictive and there’s always a rare card to chase after! Hearthstone is available on PC as well as mobile devices. 

Let It Die! 

In the mood for an extremely weird souls-like game? This punishing game will test your limits as you explore its strange world. But be warned, the game is not for the faint of heart thanks to the risk/reward gameplay that will have you pulling out your hair. You’ll constantly be worried about losing hours of progress as you attempt to get better loot! Let It Die is available on PC & PS4. 

World of Tanks 

The title says it all. This long-running, massively popular shooter has engaged players for years. The level of customization on display is incredible and the gameplay highly addictive. The game is so popular that multiple spinoffs have been made thanks to its success. World of Tanks is on PC, PS4, & XBO. 


Are you a fan of Super Smash Bros but have yet to purchase a Switch? The insanely fun Brawlhalla has some striking similarities and is a lot of fun. The entertaining platform fighter features countless characters to try out and infinite replay value You can try Brawlhalla on PS4, XBO, & NS 


The epic action MOBA is still thriving in 2019. The third person perspective allows you to get right up in the action as you combine unique abilities to secure the win. If you’re familiar with traditional MOBAs, then you’ll instantly get the hang of Smite. Smite is on PS4, PC, & XBOX.



This unique hero shooter is much more than an Overwatch clone! The game gives players a chance to customize the loadout of their favorite champions and make each character feel special. With new champions being added constantly, there’s no better time than now to give Paladins a chance! Paladins is available on PS4, XBO, PC, and the Switch.  


Tera may be a little older than the other games listed, but the gameplay remains fresh well into 2019. This action MMORPG arguably has the most engaging combat system within its genre. You’ll be performing devastating combos while avoiding attacks in real time. No other MMORPG has matched the intensity of Tera’s gameplay and the game is well worth your time in 2019.  

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