How to Get the Recluse in Destiny 2

Destiny 2

It won’t be easy, but with a little work and dedication, you’ll get the Legendary SMG; The Recluse! Being one of the pinnacle weapons within The Season of the Drifter, The Recluse is one of the most coveted weapons in Destiny 2 right now! Here’s a step by step guide to help you get your hands on this illustrious SMG! 

Step 1:

First, you’ll have to acquire the “From The Mouth Of Babes” crucible quest Lord Shaxx. LIke always, you’ll find Shaxx within the tower and you can accept the crucible quest like any other one. 

Step 2:

The next part is actually completing the quest which will involve a ton of PVP grinding. There are two requirements to actually fulfilling the requirements of this quest. The first one includes filling a completion bar to 100 percent by winning crucible matches. Each victory in the crucible nets you 1 percent% while iron banner wins will get you slightly more XP. Next up, you’ll have to raise crucible ranking to that of “fabled." However, as you already know, the only way to raise this ranking is by winning matches within the iron banner. Be warned that while wins will increase your ranking, the opposite can happen if you lose. Regardless, obtaining this legendary weapon will take some time but with some effort, you’ll have the Recluse in no time.

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