How Long is DMC5? How Many Missions, Secrets, Orb Hunts, and More

Dante Must Die!

So how long is Dante’s latest demon-slaying adventure? Well in total there are 20 missions within Devil May Cry 5. The time requires to complete will vary between player skill and difficulty level of course. But early reports estimate that the average player should be able to finish the main story DMC 5 in 10-14 hours. The 12 secret missions throughout the campaign are also guaranteed to add even more hours of carnage for the average player. Let's not forget about the seven secret weapons that we won’t spoil here. Not only that but in order to truly unlock all character abilities, you’ll need to spend a lot of time grinding orbs. 

Capcom also promised free DLC that will bring back the beloved Bloody Palace. For the unaware, the Bloody Palace allows players to take on increasingly challenging enemies using their demon hunter of choice. With the crazy difficulty modes to unlock and bonus costumes and other easter eggs, DMC 5 is more than worth your money is love character action games. Devil May Cry 5 is out now for PS4, PC & XBO.

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