The Division 2: Is There Cross-Play

The Division 2 Cross-play

Ubisoft is in the thick of this week as they welcome players to their brand new online environment, The Division 2. In it, players assume the role of a Division agent as they receive a distress call from Washington D.C., and they arrive in time to help set the chaos-ridden city straight. Because this is a massive game with plenty of online capabilities, players have to ask, is there going to be cross-play? Can PC players play with their friends who are using an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4?

It looks like we've got a big, solid no from Ubisoft.

It's unfortunate because this could have been an excellent game for Ubisoft to dive into cross-play with, given that players consistently have the chance to call for help from other online players during missions. Along with the PvP Dark Zone, where players enter the area searching for some of the best loot in the game, and run into random Division agents who could potentially turn on them in a moment's notice.

What's even worse is that, as of this writing Ubisoft, does not have any plans to include this feature. The developers have commented on Twitter about it, and none of them even hint at the fact that they're working on it or hoping for it. Here's a Tweet from the official Twitter account of The Division 2 commenting about it.

This was from a year ago. The developers likely have not planned for the game to work on cross-play, and will not do so in the future.

Because the developers didn't have this feature in mind when they first began creating the game, it's likely going to prove extremely challenging for them to include it now. Much of the code they'd have to connect between the different hardware types could prove challenging. The development team likely has far too much on their plate to section off part of their members to this task.

While this may prove unfortunate for some, there's still plenty to do in The Division 2 across all platforms. Are you eager to know when the game releases in your region? Here's a breakdown of when the game launches, and when you can start preloading.

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