The Division 2: How to Roll

How To Roll In The Division 2

Rolling is usually the goto action that most players use to avoid damage. No matter the genre of the game, rolling is a mechanic that will get players out of any bad situation. The Divison 2 is no different as players can roll to avoid incoming bullets. Every and any player can roll and should be taking advantage of this whenever they can.

How to roll in The Division 2

To roll in The Division 2, simply double tab X, A, or Space for your respective platform. Doing so will make your character dive forward out of damage. Double tapping the same button plus another direction will make your agent roll in whatever direction you directed.

For obvious reasons, your going to be using this mechanic a lot in The Division 2. Not only can rolling get you out of dangerous situations but it's useful for getting into tactical cover with as minimal risk as possible. Becoming familiar with this mechanic save your life so start practicing your rolls! The Division 2 is out now for PS4, XBO, and PC.

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