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Every two weeks Baro Ki'Teer shows up in Warframe, to amaze and disappoint in equal measure. The strange figure will arrive in one of the game's relays, with a stock of mods, weapons, and cosmetics to sell. To purchase them, you will mostly need Ducats, a type of currency that only Baro seems to deal in, and Credits. You can get Ducats by selling Prime parts at any of the Ducat Kiosks on the Relays. The rarer the part, the more Ducats you will get.

Baro arrives every two weeks and hangs around for two days, so be sure to grab what you need when you can! If you need more Ducats, it's time to start opening those Relics!

What Is Baro Selling Today

Baro Stock


Baro Stock

You can find Baro on the Larunda Relay, Mercury, with the following stock to sell.

  • Prisma Avia Chest Plate 250 Ducats, 220K Credits
  • Primed Cryo Rounds - 350 Ducats, 110K Credits
  • Primed Pressure Point - 385 Ducats, 300K Credits
  • Primed Heated Charge - 350 Ducats, 175K Credits
  • Buzzkill - 375 Ducats, 150K Credits
  • Sweeping Serration - 375 Ducats, 150K Credits
  • Maim - 375 Ducats, 150K Credits
  • Machete Wraith - 410 Ducats, 250K Credits
  • Supra Vandal - 500 Ducats, 275K Credits
  • Prisma Yamako Syandana - 400 Ducats, 250K Credits
  • Coccyst Sugatra - 250 Ducats, 200K Credits
  • Left Prisma Daedalus Knee Plates - 65 Ducats, 75K Credits
  • Right Prisma Daedalus Knee Plates - 65 Ducats, 75K Credits
  • Left Prisma Daedalus Shoulder Guard - 65 Ducats, 75K Credits
  • Right Prisma Daedalus Shoulder Guard - 65 Ducats, 75K Credits
  • Prisma Daedalus Chest Plate - 150 Ducats, 100K Credits
  • Ki'Teer Sekhara - 400 Ducats, 200K Credits
  • Argyle Display - 100 Ducats, 75K Credits
  • Odonata Elixis Skin - 350 Ducats, 250K Credits
  • Noggle Statue - Excalibur With Odonata - 90 Ducats, 200K Credits
  • Kavat Sentinel Mask - 500 Ducats, 200K Credits
  • Kavat Sentinel Wings - 400 Ducats, 250K Credits
  • Kavat Sentinel Tail - 400 Ducats, 250K Credits
  • Sands of Inaros Blueprint - 100 Ducats, 25K Credits

What Should You Buy From Baro Today?

You definitely want to pick up all the damage mods, from the Primed to the Rares. They can come in incredibly useful for certain weapon builds. It would also highly recommend the Supra Vandal, as it is a great weapon that is fun to use, and highly effectively. After that, it is really down to your taste in cosmetics as to what you want to pick up. As a warning, the Machete Wraith is basically MR fodder right now, but who knows what will happen with the new Melee system.

That is it for today Tenno!

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