How to Make a Composter in Minecraft, And What It Does (Version 1.14)


The Composter in Minecraft is a block that will convert crops, plants, and other compostable materials into bone meal. This is great, as anyone with a decent farm in Minecraft will attest to how much bone meal you will need to help fertilize your plants.

How To Make A Composter


To make a Composter, you will need the following items;

  • 4 fences of any type.
  • 3 Planks of any type.

The Composter is used to created Bone Meal by simply adding the plant materials to the composter. By adding an item to the composter, you have a chance to add a layer of compost. Various items in the game have a different change of adding compost. For a full list of the items, and their chance of adding compost, I would suggest checking out the Minecraft Gamepedia.

Once you have collected seven layers of compost in the Composter, you can then use it a final time to collect the Bone Meal. You can also use Composters in conjunction with Hoppers to have the Hopper automatically collect the Bone Meal. To do this, simply place the composter on the upper side of the Hopper.

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