Rage 2: How to Stash and Call Stolen Vehicles

Player character riding motorcycle with city in the distance

At the start of Rage 2, you’re handed the keys to your very own upgradeable car, the Phoenix. It’s equipped with Gatling guns and a powerful afterburner, and it’s one of the best all-around vehicles on the road. Still, it’s not the only option. Sometimes you might rather tool around the wasteland in a four-wheeled deathtrap or a dump truck. It might not make sense, but Rage 2 gives you a good way to do it anyway. You just have to advance a short way into the story and invest a few upgrade points, and you’ll be able to store any vehicles you find in your garage and call it to your position whenever you want.

Menu screen showing Vehicles Extention option

The first thing you’ll need to do is purchase the Vehicles Extension skill. You’ll find that under the Basic tree in the Projects tab, the one that Lily unlocks for you at the beginning of the game. It only costs one Project Point to unlock, and you should already have plenty of them by the time you want to buy this skill. 

Now, you just need a place to park your new vehicles. If you take Lily’s advice at the start of the game, the first friendly town you come across will probably be Gunbarrel, home of John Marshall, but any town will do. Whenever you find a vehicle you like out in the wild and want to keep it, just drive it back to Gunbarrel or any other town (Wellspring is another one you’ll come across early). When you’re in the right spot, usually just outside the settlement’s main door, the button prompt that usually says “Exit Vehicle” will instead say “Stash Vehicle.” Getting this prompt to appear can be a little fussy sometimes, and it might change back to “Exit Vehicle” if you sit still for too long. When you pull up to town in a stolen vehicle, you should see your Phoenix parked outside. Pulling up right alongside it will usually give you the right prompt. You’ll know you’ve done it right when you’re rewarded with a handful of auto parts and shown a pop-up message saying that the car has been sent to your garage.

Player character parking motorcycle with "Stash Vehicle" on screen

Once that’s done, you can call your new set of wheel to you any time you want. Just open the Vehicles tab in the menu, and you’ll see a list of all the vehicles you’ve stashed, all of which are available with the push of a button.

The Vehicles tab also gives you a handy list of all the rides you can find in the game. From here, you can see which are available to pick up in the wasteland and which have special requirements to unlock.

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