Does Rage 2 Have Co-op?

Rage 2

Rage 2 is out today, and it gives you a large world to explore and blow things up in. If you are wondering if you can play with a friend though, the answer is not good news.

Does Rage 2 Have Co-op?

If you were hoping to play Rage 2 with a friend, I am afraid I have some news that is as welcome as a Wingstick to the jaw. Rage 2 does not have a co-op mode. With no co-operative play or multiplayer, you will just need to be brave and take on all those mutants alone.

Rage 2 is built as a single player experience and is balanced as such. I wouldn't expect to see any co-op mode come to the game in the future either. Avalanche, despite building games that often seem perfect for co-op fun, just don't seem all that interested in putting the mode in their games.

For PC players, we might get lucky in the future. Just Cause games, also made by Avalanche, tend to get a co-op mode, built in an unofficial capacity by a dedicated group of modders. Maybe they will bless us with a similar mod for Rage 2? Console players won't be able to hold on to that hope, sadly, as the platforms just do not support modding in the same way that PC does.

If you have other question about the game, we are doing our best to get as many of them to answer as possible. Check out our guide on Fast Travel, or how to deal with an audio bug that some people have been experiencing. For people who bought the Deluxe or Collector's Editions, we also have a guide on how to get your hands on the BFG 9000.

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